Friday, July 28, 2017

On Comparison

This past week I have been pretty frustrated, not at any one situation, but more at myself. For having feelings that I almost never have. 

I was straight up throwing myself a pitty party, and I am not usually one to-do this. I am usually the biggest cheerleader for everyone. I know that if the circle you are in is being elevated it goes in flows and you can always learn something from anyone. I'm not upset, I'm happy for them and I want to know their tips and tricks on how they got there! It usually never gets to me. 

I honestly do not know where it came from. Not even two weeks ago I was thinking, "Wow, I think I have this figured out." I had a game plan for growth in personal and career aspects of my life. My blog was slowly growing, which was never something I was expecting. I wanted the blog to practice writing and graphic design. The fact that there is any growth, was an added bonus. Not to mention, everything I have been learning from this blog! I have been ecstatic what has happened this past year, and down the road I also have a couple of great things that are coming up. I have no reason to be upset what so ever. Life is good, I just took a vacation, I have a big trip coming up, family, career, and personal life is for lack of a better work, exciting! 

Then that little bug of comparison snuck up. I saws someone who started a blog pretty much the same time that I did, seamlessly blow up over night. Then I turn the corner and a friend of a friend started a new company and the first person she signed was my favorite fashion blogger! 

Which is amazing for them, and I could not be happier for them! BUT, and I hate myself for saying this, I just thought why not me?  Why wasn't this amazing success just handed to me? I went down this rabbit hole of being bitter and self indulgent in self pitty. 

As I am going down this rabbit hole, I had to stop myself. I was wishing to have this handed to me. I realized I did not want to have to work for this, I did not want to come up with a strategy, I wanted this quick fix. I wanted the overnight success. When I came to this realization, it stopped. It stopped because I knew that was lazy. 

With comparison, you have no idea where people are in their journey. Everyone is different and everyone has vastly different strengths. This comparison had no help on my journey, took my happiness and success away, and distracted me from my overall goal.

Comparison is almost never fair, but it is easy for us to boil ourselves down to a number. It is temping to make ourselves stay on track if we can just focus on metrics and data. The thing is as humans we are so much more than that. When we compare, we forget all the other factors that go into a business, a goal, a life. I think the main thing I took away from this is to focus on  your own strengths and your plan and not worry about other people's journeys (still be supportive) because you have no idea where they are in theirs!   

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is SUCH a huge problem for me, too. I hear ya, girl! Sending you solidarity and reminding you to remember you're doing great <3


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