Saturday, July 15, 2017

July Podcast: The Goal Digger

I have switched gear from news to creative entrepreneur podcast. I am addicted. I seriously get so excited to hop into the car for work to just soak up everything I can learn. It is crazy how much technology can change the business make up. I would not even doubt that they would have some type of social media class in the next decade or so in colleges. Or social media will disappear complacently, and a whole industry will disappear. We will just have to stay tuned I guess. 
Anyways, Jenna Kutcher is a goddess. She is so incredibly fantastic at telling stories. I want to soak up every little tid bit of knowledge she drops. Not only that, but she has some personal stories that hit home, make you laugh, or bawl your eyes out. Which this one had me crying before 8am on my way to work.

Some other ones that were more on brand were this and this. Check it out for some true inspiration!


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