Sunday, July 30, 2017

Easy Breezy Productivity

I could have picked a better title, but it just fit. I love this outfit for a good summer evening. (Also no shame I wear this to work with a button down). I have total summer vibes from these pants. The leaf patter was huge this past season, and I could not help but jump on that wagon. 

When I think of summer vibes, I think of my past summer vacations. With that I just want those hazy lazy summer days. It has been extremely hard to stay focused and productive. I just want to hang out by the pool looking at Instagram through my sunglasses, walk around town browsing through the farmers market watching the kiddos and puppers, or sipping on fruity drinks with loved ones watching the sun set.  
What I do not want to do is pretty much anything but that. Which leads to the problem of not getting anything done what so ever. Which I have tricked myself into being productive and these are the tips I have been using to keep myself on track!

1. Give yourself a total day off. From sun rise to bedtime (lets be real none of us go to bed that early) This can be once a week. This sounds almost counterproductive, but it gets it out of your system. Also by allowing this, you can be totally present, or you have to promise yourself that you  will be. 

2. Going off the first tip, you have to have a day of total production. That can be a couple of hours after work, but there has to be a day where you can get everything done that you need to. 

3. If production is down, try switching around your schedule. I had issues with not feeling like I could fit everything in. I noticed that my shower after my workout and getting ready was taking up so much time. I took a baby step to switching 2 workouts a week to the mornings, and it took so much off my plate. 

4. Set timers for yourself for things you do not want to do. If I do not want to do something that I have been putting off for a while, I set a timer for say 20 minutes and tell myself I only have to do it for that long. 9/10 I get invested in the project and just finish it out. The initial start for me is the hardest part. If I end up dreading the task I can walk away from it 20 minutes later. It is like playing mind games with your own mind (that was a joke)

5. Prioritize. Write your ever so long todo list, star the three most important. If you are like me, I will never finish my todo list, but at least I am getting the needs done.

I hope everyone has a fantastic productive week! Would love to hear your thoughts on how to be productive as possible, and still enjoy your summer days?


  1. Dig the pants! Shifting around my schedule is a good idea, thanks for the advice! I love how you mixed a good list of production ideas with outfit inspiration. Fun stuff! xoxo Lo'

  2. Hey! I seem to be the opposite in summer, I feel like conquering the world. I guess that's because I live in the UK and our weather is so unpredictable and we don't have pools, haha. Also, totally agree about giving yourself a day off. Sometimes you've just got to allow yourself that downtime and it really helps pick you back up the next day. Thanks for sharing, Leanne x


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