Monday, July 3, 2017

4th of July Outfit

Happy Fourth! I unfortunately do not have the full 4 day weekend. I was lucky enough to get the day of off. However, I think it is almost good I am going back to work today. This weekend was a little too fun. It was full of a good American time, lot of brunch and baseball. It is always good to get back into a routine. 

As for the fourth, I just plan on taking it low key. Probably just grill out and see some fire works. (Hopefully catch up on everything I did not get done this weekend. Lame but hopeful) 
For the days' festivities this is what I plan on wearing. I love the paper bag skirt. The material is surprisingly thick but light. The off the shoulder keeps it trendy enough. I paired it with some sandals for some effortless style!

You can also check out all the day to day things I wear in My Wardrobe tab! I update it seasonally!


  1. So cute and summery! Your blog is beautiful, loved checking out your wardrobe tab!

    1. Haha! Thank you Sarah! Loved having you visit!

  2. So pretty! I want a top like that now!


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