Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Necessities

These are some of the summer essentials that I have been loving. I want to point out that I hate the heat. Last summer when I was living in South Carolina. One of my neighbors had a 4 year old and walking from the air conditioned car to the home, she started crying because she was so hot.

And I understood her. This is because at the same time walking from the car to my  home, I was crying as well. Sooo long story short I hate being hot. (I also hate being cold, I am kind of like a gremlin when it comes to that #HighMaintenance ) 

Anyways,  these are kind of my summer must haves. I love dresses because they are basically like not wearing pants. So these are some things that I am loving. And to be honest. I really only dress up once maybe  twice a week. I "dress up" for work, but the odd of me actually doing my full hair and make up are slim to none. These looks are things that you can throw together and still look put together. 

Pro Tips:

-Light fabrics are the your friend. I personally like my arms covered so the lighter the better.

-For swim wear, I only wear black bottoms. I have one good pair and they never  move so I just stick with them. For tops I like that to be mixed up. 

-Basket purse screams summer. Plus it is big enough to throw everything you need in it. 

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