Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June's Podcast

Summer is busy, so we are doing another podcast instead of a book for the month. Which I got a new Iphone and the podcast game has been the best it has ever been. With my commute to work and the constant summer travel, podcast have been on in my background. 

I love NPR podcast, my standard favorite is NPR politics. It feels like you are in a coffee shop with your friends pleasantly discussing politics and world events. I have also been listening to a lot of Creative Entrepreneurs. My one true love though, is Social Science #CommunicationsMajor. 

The show Invisibilia has had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Seriously this show messes with your brain.  This show talks about some things that are a part of you, but you would never know unless someone mentioned it. Similar to seeing a color you had never seen before, but for the brain.  

Not to mention, this show just recently had one of my favorite Instagram artist on. (Which I could honestly do a whole post on all of my favorite amazing artist on Instagram.... Modern art?) The featured Lord Birthday. Which you have not check him out before do so now. My favorites are these: THIS ONE, this, obviously this one. They are silly, but they kind of low key remind me of Andy Warhol's one liner cartoons.

Anyways, this podcast is one of my favorites from this past month. For sure need to check it out! 

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