Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Central Time

Hey, what is up, hello. Happy Wednesday All! We are half way done with the week, we got this! Let me tell you, white jeans are my favorite piece from the summer. They look so so sleek, but as comfortable as jeans. My jeans however are not so great for true summer weather. (The South). They are good for northern summers and going to work where you will be in AC all day.

White jeans are a win. What is also another summer favorite is the off the shoulder top. I kind of struggle with dressing my age. It is hard balance between not looking like a college student and not look like a grandma. Which I feel like I talk about this all the time.

I love the off the shoulder top to look 20, flirty, and thriving. (name that movie). I feel like it gives a youthful look, without actually showing anything. Plus I love this top. It is so fun. You can not go wrong with bell sleeves. 

As far a summer goes. I honestly only dress up once a week. On Friday or Saturday I will go out with friends. Then on the day I not go out, I will just hang out with friends and that is pretty laid back. Right now, to be honest, my aesthetic is put together and hoping there is AC. If I know I will be outfit, trust me, I am wearing shorts and a tank top or a loose shirt.

Everyone have a good rest of the week!


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