Thursday, June 15, 2017

10 Random Facts About Me

Have you ever had to write a whole essay on one outfit? Sometimes it is slightly difficult. Today on the blog we are going to mix things up and through in some random facts about the girls behind the blog. 

So here is a little about the outfit. The little white dress is perfect for the summer. Also I love how this dress can be taken from casual walk around town to a more dressed up feel at the drop of a dime. This dress kind of reminds me of  this Lilly Pulitzer Dress or this dress. Also the shoes are total Jack Roger copies. I did not know how I felt about them, but they are now my favorite summer shoes. Anyways lets dive into it. 

1. My family has a dog named Norm and that is the topic of conversation 80% of the time. I also might have 50 photos of him on my phone. An added fun fact, that being said I have no interest in getting a dog any time in the near future. 

2. The most breath taking painting I ever seen are Monet's Water Lilies at Musee de L'Orangere. I feel that everyone talks it up, but it is a complete moment when you see it in person. 

3. If I could communicate solely on Facebook messenger I would.  That is seriously the best invention. Plus you can never lose any information or photos which I love about that. 

4. I am the worst at taking blog photos. I usually do them late in the evening so no one is around to see, but it can be (read I can be) so awkward. #DoItForTheBlog

5. Before last year I had never left north america and now I have been to 18 countries. I am continuing to work on a city guide post but here is what I have so far: Italy, Paris, London.

6. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I am not a big holiday person (typically means crowds) I love how laid back Thanksgiving is, plus you get to eat all day. New Years Eve is a close second in the holiday department. 
6. I am the worst chef in the world. Just the other week I burnt the living life out of some beef curry. My apartment smelt like smokey curry for a sold two weeks. I do have a goal to start making all of my meals and snacks myself. (I am a huge fan of frozen meals #Guilty) 

7. I think the most important thing you can give someone is your time. Not only physically present, but mindfully there as well. That is why I find it so rude if someone is playing on their phone when people are around. My family always had a rule that you could not have your phone when we were having dinner or hanging out and I feel like that is the best rule. (Also do not get me started on showing me a video from Facebook.)

 8. I have always been in love with fashion. My mom said even as a baby we were in the car and I screamed "Mom! The Mall! You are missing the mall!". I always thought it was fun pairing different items and getting a different look. 

9. I have braces for about 7 years. I was also big on blue glasses growing up. Needless to say childhood was my prime;)
10. I am the biggest coffee addict. I know it is a straight addiction at this point, but hey a warm cup first thing in the morning makes me just a sliver more happy. Also speaking of mornings the hardest part of every day is getting out of bed. However, I am a morning person. Once it hits 8:00pm and I did not plan on being out, I get pretty cranky. 



  1. Great article! And a good, fun variety of things about you!

    I totally agree with you on #7 – phones should be put away when we are with people! ��

    And YESSSS! – a warm cup of coffee ☕️ is SO nice!!! ☺️

    You might consider doing a whole blog post on #5 – visiting the 18 countries! 🌎 Like which countries? What did you like best about each one? Photos of each. What form(s) of transportation did you use? Any unusual discoveries – about the countries and/or yourself – in your travels?

    1. That is a great idea! I will have to make a post!

  2. I have always felt like,I feel weird when taking my pictures but they always turn out great.

  3. I love this, getting to know the blogger behind the blog :) I'm such a coffee addict too ;)

  4. It always feels so awkward taking pictures for my blog as well! I just always tell myself that 95% of the time I will never see them again!!


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