Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Necessities

These are some of the summer essentials that I have been loving. I want to point out that I hate the heat. Last summer when I was living in South Carolina. One of my neighbors had a 4 year old and walking from the air conditioned car to the home, she started crying because she was so hot.

And I understood her. This is because at the same time walking from the car to my  home, I was crying as well. Sooo long story short I hate being hot. (I also hate being cold, I am kind of like a gremlin when it comes to that #HighMaintenance ) 

Anyways,  these are kind of my summer must haves. I love dresses because they are basically like not wearing pants. So these are some things that I am loving. And to be honest. I really only dress up once maybe  twice a week. I "dress up" for work, but the odd of me actually doing my full hair and make up are slim to none. These looks are things that you can throw together and still look put together. 

Pro Tips:

-Light fabrics are the your friend. I personally like my arms covered so the lighter the better.

-For swim wear, I only wear black bottoms. I have one good pair and they never  move so I just stick with them. For tops I like that to be mixed up. 

-Basket purse screams summer. Plus it is big enough to throw everything you need in it. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Central Time

Hey, what is up, hello. Happy Wednesday All! We are half way done with the week, we got this! Let me tell you, white jeans are my favorite piece from the summer. They look so so sleek, but as comfortable as jeans. My jeans however are not so great for true summer weather. (The South). They are good for northern summers and going to work where you will be in AC all day.

White jeans are a win. What is also another summer favorite is the off the shoulder top. I kind of struggle with dressing my age. It is hard balance between not looking like a college student and not look like a grandma. Which I feel like I talk about this all the time.

I love the off the shoulder top to look 20, flirty, and thriving. (name that movie). I feel like it gives a youthful look, without actually showing anything. Plus I love this top. It is so fun. You can not go wrong with bell sleeves. 

As far a summer goes. I honestly only dress up once a week. On Friday or Saturday I will go out with friends. Then on the day I not go out, I will just hang out with friends and that is pretty laid back. Right now, to be honest, my aesthetic is put together and hoping there is AC. If I know I will be outfit, trust me, I am wearing shorts and a tank top or a loose shirt.

Everyone have a good rest of the week!


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June's Podcast

Summer is busy, so we are doing another podcast instead of a book for the month. Which I got a new Iphone and the podcast game has been the best it has ever been. With my commute to work and the constant summer travel, podcast have been on in my background. 

I love NPR podcast, my standard favorite is NPR politics. It feels like you are in a coffee shop with your friends pleasantly discussing politics and world events. I have also been listening to a lot of Creative Entrepreneurs. My one true love though, is Social Science #CommunicationsMajor. 

The show Invisibilia has had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Seriously this show messes with your brain.  This show talks about some things that are a part of you, but you would never know unless someone mentioned it. Similar to seeing a color you had never seen before, but for the brain.  

Not to mention, this show just recently had one of my favorite Instagram artist on. (Which I could honestly do a whole post on all of my favorite amazing artist on Instagram.... Modern art?) The featured Lord Birthday. Which you have not check him out before do so now. My favorites are these: THIS ONE, this, obviously this one. They are silly, but they kind of low key remind me of Andy Warhol's one liner cartoons.

Anyways, this podcast is one of my favorites from this past month. For sure need to check it out! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

The fourth of July is right around the corner. That means all the red white and blue, plus your Ralph Lauren Flag sweater.  I never do anything big for the Fourth of July, but it is always a little fun to dress up for the festivities. Here is some outfit inspiration for the day. Enjoy your BBQ, Baseball Game, and hanging out with loved ones!

Blue Skirt// Blue Top// Flag Sweater// Red Shorts// Off the Shoulder// Kendra Earrings// White Earrings// Blue Earrings// Brown Sandal// Red Heel// Gold Sandal// Stripe Wrap//


Thursday, June 15, 2017

10 Random Facts About Me

Have you ever had to write a whole essay on one outfit? Sometimes it is slightly difficult. Today on the blog we are going to mix things up and through in some random facts about the girls behind the blog. 

So here is a little about the outfit. The little white dress is perfect for the summer. Also I love how this dress can be taken from casual walk around town to a more dressed up feel at the drop of a dime. This dress kind of reminds me of  this Lilly Pulitzer Dress or this dress. Also the shoes are total Jack Roger copies. I did not know how I felt about them, but they are now my favorite summer shoes. Anyways lets dive into it. 

1. My family has a dog named Norm and that is the topic of conversation 80% of the time. I also might have 50 photos of him on my phone. An added fun fact, that being said I have no interest in getting a dog any time in the near future. 

2. The most breath taking painting I ever seen are Monet's Water Lilies at Musee de L'Orangere. I feel that everyone talks it up, but it is a complete moment when you see it in person. 

3. If I could communicate solely on Facebook messenger I would.  That is seriously the best invention. Plus you can never lose any information or photos which I love about that. 

4. I am the worst at taking blog photos. I usually do them late in the evening so no one is around to see, but it can be (read I can be) so awkward. #DoItForTheBlog

5. Before last year I had never left north america and now I have been to 18 countries. I am continuing to work on a city guide post but here is what I have so far: Italy, Paris, London.

6. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I am not a big holiday person (typically means crowds) I love how laid back Thanksgiving is, plus you get to eat all day. New Years Eve is a close second in the holiday department. 
6. I am the worst chef in the world. Just the other week I burnt the living life out of some beef curry. My apartment smelt like smokey curry for a sold two weeks. I do have a goal to start making all of my meals and snacks myself. (I am a huge fan of frozen meals #Guilty) 

7. I think the most important thing you can give someone is your time. Not only physically present, but mindfully there as well. That is why I find it so rude if someone is playing on their phone when people are around. My family always had a rule that you could not have your phone when we were having dinner or hanging out and I feel like that is the best rule. (Also do not get me started on showing me a video from Facebook.)

 8. I have always been in love with fashion. My mom said even as a baby we were in the car and I screamed "Mom! The Mall! You are missing the mall!". I always thought it was fun pairing different items and getting a different look. 

9. I have braces for about 7 years. I was also big on blue glasses growing up. Needless to say childhood was my prime;)
10. I am the biggest coffee addict. I know it is a straight addiction at this point, but hey a warm cup first thing in the morning makes me just a sliver more happy. Also speaking of mornings the hardest part of every day is getting out of bed. However, I am a morning person. Once it hits 8:00pm and I did not plan on being out, I get pretty cranky. 


Monday, June 12, 2017

Vancouver Weekend Itinerary

A couple of weeks ago I got a text saying, "Had a crazy idea for a post semester trip. I'll run it by you tonight". I hate surprises and secrets. (To clarify secrets that I am not a part of) So this had me on the edge of my seat.  The surprise destination was none other than VERY VANCOUVER. To be honest I knew nothing about Vancouver. I have been trying to plan a trip to Ottawa for a couple of years now, so a Canada trip has been on the radar. 

Vancouver was one that never really crossed my mind, but once I started digging more into what the city had to offer it was  a no brainer.  This city was a city like no other. It was a world of its own. You had the hustle and bustle of a city and then a couple of blocks away you had the breathtaking parks and mountains. There was seriously never not a thing to do. I laid out everything I ended up doing. This is just a quick weekend, but you could have spent a week. These were just some of the big things that you can see there. So, lets jump into it. 

Friday// Touchdown and Drinks
- We actually stayed at this Airbnb. It was surprisingly a nice and cute place. It was pretty similar to what you would get with any hotel, and near a lot of great restaurants. 
-Drinks-We went to this brewery and it was the a pretty great hub for a Friday night spot. I was dead from the week (and the slight time change), but it was worth it to see the Vancouver night life. 

Saturday// Hikes and Bikes 
-Twisted Fork// Saturday was the outdoor day. We went to breakfast at the twisted fork. There was a little bit of a wait, so we went and grabbed coffee. Which is probably the best idea anyone can have for a brunch wait time. For breakfast, I got the Eggs Benedict, which was hands down amazing. It also had a ton of sides (which I am the biggest fan of). 
-Capilano Bridge//After brunch we took the free shuttle to the Capilano Bridge. We had heard mixed reviews on if this was worth it or not. It sooo was. Even if you just go on the shuttle out to the bridge, that was some of the best views of the city. (Did I mention Vancouver was a world of its own and the views were like no other?) The bridge was fun to walk around, and kept us busy for a couple of hours. 
- Bike Tour// First, we did not eat lunch, which was a bad move. Luckily on our bike tour, Quaker Oats was passing out some new granola bars... Anyways, we rented some bikes and rode around the harbor/bay. This was hands down my favorite part of the trip. It was such a nice day, where it was not too hot and the wind was blowing. Plus, taking our time and just looking at the views was such a great way to spend an afternoon.
-Dinner// So after the bike ride we went back to the Airbnb to get ready for dinner. We ended up choosing The Flying Pig in Gastown. The one in Yaletown (Yaletown and Gastown are neighborhoods in Vancouver) did not look as cool. Plus we wanted to get to a different part of Vancouver. The dinner was pretty great. We shared a meat and cheese plate. (Because is it even a meal without one?). Then we both got some sea food. If you are looking to just hang out at dinner, this probably is not the place to go. The place felt a little rushed (which it was prime dinner hours so I understand) Overall, it had some great food and cute cocktails.
-Gastown// After dinner  we walked around for a while. We saw the steam clock. Which is a Vancouver favorite, and did some window shopping. Which a good note is Vancouver is a city where pretty much everything closes pretty early. 

Sunday// Markets and  Craft Brews
-Market// Can we talk about the title... What more could you want in a day. Add a view of the mountains and that sounds like a perfect day to me. So we went to Granville Island Public Market. Which is an INDOOR market, you heard me right, air conditioning. We kind of jumped the gun on breakfast. Which we were starving (read dying). So if your whole day is not revolving around eating every two hours, you can kind of scope out the different places. 
So this market had some of the best flavors. Every booth had something lavender flavor, (which I was a big fan of). And soooo many pastries, this is not the city to continue your health kick. 
-Shops & Walks// So after we ate our way through the market, the rain cleared up. (Which we had the best luck for weather). We walked around the island. Which Vancouver as a whole is pretty small. It is about 3 miles wide, so we looked at the little shops and took in the views at a little park on the edge. 
-Lunch// For lunch we went to Granville Island Brewing.We had a flight and a personal pizza. It was fun to try the local brews and people watch. The place was pretty cute, you could take a tour of the brewery. I also liked how there was one big table for people to sit at. 
-Ferries// After lunch the weather became amazing, and we took the little ferries around. We did not really go any place specific. We did go to a dog beach for a minute and that took up a lot of  time, but it was worth it. The Ferries do take you around the full city and that was fun to go around to each stop. So we started at the farthest end of the island near Stanley park, then made our way to the science museum.  We mostly just walked around and took in the city. It is overall a very relaxing city. 
-Brewery on Brewery// It was late afternoon and we had already gotten all of that done! We went to Craft Beer Market after our walking around. I feel like I hyped this place up in my head, and it was mothers day rush, but it was not everything it was hyped up to be. We got a brew and it was nice to sit down for a minute. After dinner we went to Tap & Barrel. This was hands down one of my favorite parts. We sat outside, watch the sun set, and just took in the weekend. We seriously stayed there for forever. I think we got there during the early evening and I thought there was no way we would stay there an hour. Over all one of my favorite places in Vancouver. 
- Bad Hombre// Okay the place is actually called Banter Room. It was a new restaurant, but I loved it. I felt like it screamed Just Around the Neighborhood. The restaurant was super cute, but a laid back casual feel to it. We got a meat plate (naturally). We also got a side of veggies (Balance), and some onion rings (we were vacation, okay!) This meal is hands down my favorite, I love just getting a bunch of tapas and you can have a little of everything. This was not even the best part! I got a Lavender Mojito, which was probably the second best Lavender cocktail I have ever had. Then the name of this subtitle. There was a margarita with the name of Bad Hombre. We thought it was hilarious. 
 This was the bridge! It was was more shaky than you thought it would be. (little extra fun).
 So many great views in Vancouver. Also sorry I wore the same thing everyday, but the rain put a damper on outfit choices.
 There was so much going on in the city. This is from when we were just waling around.

 The steam clock!
 This was by the dog park. So stunning.
 This was from the bike ride.This was a popular icon from Vancouver.

Overall, it was such a spectacular trip. It was kind of one of those moments that you knew you would miss it even when you were living it. In those moments I feel that the way the sun shined is always engraved in my brain. It was a great weekend, in a great city, with great company. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Jellies Be Jammin

I love this tunic, and guess where I ended up getting it? MARSHALS! When it comes to Lilly limited time items, I never win. I heard a rumor that Lilly was now being sold at TJ Maxx stores, so I gave it a look. I found this top. 

Which I normally gravitate towards nicer blouses. However, It was lilly on sale, and it is the perfect casual top. Which I usually wear, but never buy. This top is in true form a tunic. I love how loose it is. Also the color is so fun for the summer time. And, if your office has Hawaiian shirt Friday, this is great for that aesthetic. 

Check out these earrings. Am I a ~*fashion blogger*~ yet?! I seriously love, them they are kind of over the top, but they are so fun for summer! 


Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 2017 Favorites

Ahhh May. What a month. It was a long month for sure, and yet I can not believe it is already June. These were just some of my favorites from the month. 

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