Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ultimate Young Professional Wardrobe

This has been a popular question among my friend group lately. I was a really bad college student, so I have zero to no tips on that. However, the whole young professional thing has always been something that I looked forward to. 

I think this conversation has come up so often because graduation. So while I am trying to get a whole grasp on this whole being an adult thing, here are some of the tips that I have picked up along the way for Young Professional Wear. 

1. Look what everyone else is wearing. This post is just a vague over view on some tips, but look at what is the norm is in your office. If everyone wears a suit, wear a suit. If everyone wears a button down and chinos wear that. Which leads me to my next tip.

2. Unless you work at a gym (or maybe Lulu lemon), do not wear gym clothes. Even if your office is super casual. The one time I wore gym clothes in public (and I was just going to the grocery store) I ran into the CEO of the company I was working at the time. Dress to impress. 

3. I love pattern pants, but solid colors are so easy to throw together.

4. Take a tip from the Jcrew retail store. Pick a 1-2-3. You get a pant, a shirt, and something to go over it. (Such as a cardigan or blazer.) Trust me, it breaks the whole outfit up and looks great!

Now here are some of my favorite go to outfits for the young professional attire. 

Strip Cardigan// Jcrew Blazer// Gingham Blazer// Over Sized Cardi// I love to wear a blazer because it is like a dressed up jacket. Also throwing a cardigan over any outfit can make it look put together. 

Gingham Skirt//Scallop Pencil Skirt// Black Pencil Skirt// Floral Skirt// As far as comfort goes, I am not the biggest fan of skirts. However, I do think they look great. Plus the longer the hem line the more it feels like you are wearing a blanket. (I do not know what the draw is to having your clothing feel like a blanket is, but it makes life so much easier).  

Green Dress// Peplum Dress// Ruffle Dress// Wrap Dress//  Dresses are, the best.  They are seriously so comfortable. Everyone thinks you are being fancy, but really it is similar to wearing a big tshirt. 

Flower Necklace// Loren Hope Earrings// Bangles// I feel that the easiest way to dress up or keep an outfit up to date are the accessories. The flower necklace is hands down my favorite necklace to spruce up any outfit.  

Navy Chino// Light Blue Pants// Gray Trousers// Plaid Slacks// Dark Blue Pants// Slacks are the best for business attire. If you get the good ones they are basically like wearing leggings.

Blue Button Down// Polka Dot//Chambray Shirt// 
The Chambray shirt is my favorite go to. Also, anything that is flowing and does not require ironing is hands down the best. 

Nude Heels//Slide on Loafer// Lace Up Flats// Stay away from any sort of sandal. Here are some of my favorites. I love a good loafer, and flats are easy to slide on. 


  1. im glad I work at a powerplant and am provided with work coveralls! nice write up!

  2. The outfits are amazing, love them!

  3. Business casual is my favorite attire, and JCrew one of my favorite brands.

    I like that you reminded us that yoga pants are for yoga too! lol

  4. Great tips for the "Yo Pro" wardrobe! I completely agree that dresses are the best! It's even better if you buy a few that don't require ironing (so annoying!). :) These are all great pieces to recommend for people getting into the young professional dress scene. I love he loafers you listed!

    Christina I agree with you! business casual is my favorite as well and of course you can never go wrong with JCrew!


  5. I love the business casual looks you suggested in this post. I would change to color palette a little more for me. The JCrew brand is a good quality brand.


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