Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Summer of Gingham

Lets talk about slacks, baby. That was me trying to be witty and scandalous. Neither of which I am. There are so many great slack puns, but I will stick to how to dress them up and down. (and refrain from making any more puns)  I have been all about the black tights and dresses for the winter. They were way too easy to wear. (And no one knew that I was actually being extremely lazy because they did not know that wearing tights and a dress is basically wearing an oversize tshirt and leggings) 

With the warmer weather I have been trying to find a substitute for the tights. I think that the thing I have been loving lately is navy slacks. I put them on the classic spring pieces post as well.  I hate jeans, they are so constricting. (they look great but feel horrible) There is just something about slacks that make wearing pants 100 times better! 

Seriously thought I love navy pattern slacks for work. (It helps that the majority of women in my office do wear patterned pants, so if yours is a little more formal I would double check what everyone else is wearing. Which sounds lame, but the number one rule in etiquette and social science norms is to pick a leader and whatever they do is socially acceptable... to an extent) 

Every time I wear navy slacks, I feel like Tory Burch. The casual and a put together look.  BUT, the thing that no one knows is that slacks are as comfortable as leggings. Unfortunately, I am not as established to wear slacks out and about other than work. I did see someone wearing this exact outfit on the town and they looked great! This is why wearing a button down and bold earrings is the perfect look for work.

 The fun thing about this post is that I paired these slacks with two different outfits. One I would wear to a girls day. Such as walking around town looking at the different shops. The other I would wear to a business casual work day. 

Patterns are not typically slimming, however for some reason patterned slacks are! Are they magic? I have no clue? Anyways for fun, I love this tshirt a bold necklace. It is so fun and girls. 
Then for business in the front. (Again, I know I am not funny) I love a chambray shirt then mix it with a bold Kendra Scott earring. (Which is great if you sit at a desk, not so great if you are dancing around. They are pretty heavy)  Happy slacking!

So go out there and be your brilliant self this month!
also check out this egg thing. This picture makes it look huge and alien like. However, it is pretty small. You can check it out at the park behind Des Moines Art Museum. 



  1. You are adorable! Love this outfit and your sense of humor. :)

  2. This outfit is so fun! Looks adorable on you!


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