Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Slacks on Slacks

Slacks, Slacks, Slacks, everybody! (Last one I swear). I keep going on and on about how great slacks are. Here are some other ones I love. The Lack slacks are perfect for going out. So see! You can wear them everywhere! For the most part I just wear slacks to work. Perfect for power walking and going from place to place. Slacks are also the perfect young professional gear. You can easily pair it with trendier pieces to still look young, hip, and happening. Enjoy the other picks for the power pant!

 1. Light Blue Slacks// 2. Navy Pattern Pants// 3. Tan Slacks// 4. Lace Slacks//5. Green Slacks// 6. Light Blue Floral 7. Flower Pants// 8. Seersucker// 9. Red Pattern//   


  1. My mum wears slacks and loves them. They are so versatile, she can mix them with anything to make the outfit smart or casual.

    Enjoy the journey!

  2. I love wearing slacks because they are so comfortable. Though, in a professional setting, I avoid wearing them but you will find me in slacks otherwise!



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