Saturday, May 27, 2017

May's Favorite Boutique

This post has nothing to do with anything other than I am LOVING this boutique. I find trying to find that balance of still young and out of college yet being a profession, and a young women can be a hard look to master. Sure I love the preppy look, but if I throw a bow on I look to young. And if I try to dress like Kate Middleton (my biggest style icon) I can end up looking a little grandma-ess. (Which Kate, you NEVER do, but we are just at different points in our life) 

So I found a brand that does this PERFECT! This is seriously my favorite store as of recently. Goodnight macaroon is my favorite, and I feel like they recently went from super expensive to affordable. I LOVE this store. I love how it is youthful but not borderline high schooler. 

I just got this swim suit. Which I probably won't wear the bottoms, but the top is the cutest. Also I'm swooning over this romper right now. I feel like that screams Just Around the Neighborhood. Here are some of my other favorites for the summer.  


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