Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm Sorry. I can't. Don't Hate Me.

I hate myself because my latest TV obsession is Sex in the City. It was on HBO and I never turned back. I am half split into thinking I could possibly be Sarah Jessica Parker and hating the show for the fact of how much everyone is bad at every aspect of any relationship in their life. It is trash TV for sure, but we all love it. (The first line in the third paragraph and title come from a Sex in the City episode, hence this post )

This all sounds silly to compare to a TV show, but I love this quote: here. It is one of those things where you think, "Should I look perfect?" or "Should I be myself." So do your thing if you like something that is lame do it. And in the words of Amy Poehler, lets take accountability as to who we are as people. (And honestly, it weeds out the people who did not want us in the first place.) (<< Add this to life lessons that are worth learning). (All this for a one line I wanted to use) Here it is:

 I'm Sorry. I can't. Don't Hate Me.  I can't wear anything other than mostly black, grey, blue, and white. Is that really any surprise to anyone that, that is what my closet is mostly consisting of? In the summer I love some good old white. It is so crisp, it reminds me of a fresh start, yet timeless. Summer/ Spring is always the best season for white on white on white. (To be honest every season is great for that) Anyways, here are my favorite picks for my favorite neutral for the warmer season. 

(Note: White Jeans are the next on my list on things I need  for this summer)



  1. Great sentiment, and love the white! :)

  2. I seriously love all of these pieces, obsessed with white for summer!


  3. I love the movie tooo. Was totally obsessed with it when I first watched it.

  4. Love white color for summer!



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