Saturday, May 27, 2017

May's Favorite Boutique

This post has nothing to do with anything other than I am LOVING this boutique. I find trying to find that balance of still young and out of college yet being a profession, and a young women can be a hard look to master. Sure I love the preppy look, but if I throw a bow on I look to young. And if I try to dress like Kate Middleton (my biggest style icon) I can end up looking a little grandma-ess. (Which Kate, you NEVER do, but we are just at different points in our life) 

So I found a brand that does this PERFECT! This is seriously my favorite store as of recently. Goodnight macaroon is my favorite, and I feel like they recently went from super expensive to affordable. I LOVE this store. I love how it is youthful but not borderline high schooler. 

I just got this swim suit. Which I probably won't wear the bottoms, but the top is the cutest. Also I'm swooning over this romper right now. I feel like that screams Just Around the Neighborhood. Here are some of my other favorites for the summer.  


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ultimate Young Professional Wardrobe

This has been a popular question among my friend group lately. I was a really bad college student, so I have zero to no tips on that. However, the whole young professional thing has always been something that I looked forward to. 

I think this conversation has come up so often because graduation. So while I am trying to get a whole grasp on this whole being an adult thing, here are some of the tips that I have picked up along the way for Young Professional Wear. 

1. Look what everyone else is wearing. This post is just a vague over view on some tips, but look at what is the norm is in your office. If everyone wears a suit, wear a suit. If everyone wears a button down and chinos wear that. Which leads me to my next tip.

2. Unless you work at a gym (or maybe Lulu lemon), do not wear gym clothes. Even if your office is super casual. The one time I wore gym clothes in public (and I was just going to the grocery store) I ran into the CEO of the company I was working at the time. Dress to impress. 

3. I love pattern pants, but solid colors are so easy to throw together.

4. Take a tip from the Jcrew retail store. Pick a 1-2-3. You get a pant, a shirt, and something to go over it. (Such as a cardigan or blazer.) Trust me, it breaks the whole outfit up and looks great!

Now here are some of my favorite go to outfits for the young professional attire. 

Strip Cardigan// Jcrew Blazer// Gingham Blazer// Over Sized Cardi// I love to wear a blazer because it is like a dressed up jacket. Also throwing a cardigan over any outfit can make it look put together. 

Gingham Skirt//Scallop Pencil Skirt// Black Pencil Skirt// Floral Skirt// As far as comfort goes, I am not the biggest fan of skirts. However, I do think they look great. Plus the longer the hem line the more it feels like you are wearing a blanket. (I do not know what the draw is to having your clothing feel like a blanket is, but it makes life so much easier).  

Green Dress// Peplum Dress// Ruffle Dress// Wrap Dress//  Dresses are, the best.  They are seriously so comfortable. Everyone thinks you are being fancy, but really it is similar to wearing a big tshirt. 

Flower Necklace// Loren Hope Earrings// Bangles// I feel that the easiest way to dress up or keep an outfit up to date are the accessories. The flower necklace is hands down my favorite necklace to spruce up any outfit.  

Navy Chino// Light Blue Pants// Gray Trousers// Plaid Slacks// Dark Blue Pants// Slacks are the best for business attire. If you get the good ones they are basically like wearing leggings.

Blue Button Down// Polka Dot//Chambray Shirt// 
The Chambray shirt is my favorite go to. Also, anything that is flowing and does not require ironing is hands down the best. 

Nude Heels//Slide on Loafer// Lace Up Flats// Stay away from any sort of sandal. Here are some of my favorites. I love a good loafer, and flats are easy to slide on. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm Sorry. I can't. Don't Hate Me.

I hate myself because my latest TV obsession is Sex in the City. It was on HBO and I never turned back. I am half split into thinking I could possibly be Sarah Jessica Parker and hating the show for the fact of how much everyone is bad at every aspect of any relationship in their life. It is trash TV for sure, but we all love it. (The first line in the third paragraph and title come from a Sex in the City episode, hence this post )

This all sounds silly to compare to a TV show, but I love this quote: here. It is one of those things where you think, "Should I look perfect?" or "Should I be myself." So do your thing if you like something that is lame do it. And in the words of Amy Poehler, lets take accountability as to who we are as people. (And honestly, it weeds out the people who did not want us in the first place.) (<< Add this to life lessons that are worth learning). (All this for a one line I wanted to use) Here it is:

 I'm Sorry. I can't. Don't Hate Me.  I can't wear anything other than mostly black, grey, blue, and white. Is that really any surprise to anyone that, that is what my closet is mostly consisting of? In the summer I love some good old white. It is so crisp, it reminds me of a fresh start, yet timeless. Summer/ Spring is always the best season for white on white on white. (To be honest every season is great for that) Anyways, here are my favorite picks for my favorite neutral for the warmer season. 

(Note: White Jeans are the next on my list on things I need  for this summer)


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Slacks on Slacks

Slacks, Slacks, Slacks, everybody! (Last one I swear). I keep going on and on about how great slacks are. Here are some other ones I love. The Lack slacks are perfect for going out. So see! You can wear them everywhere! For the most part I just wear slacks to work. Perfect for power walking and going from place to place. Slacks are also the perfect young professional gear. You can easily pair it with trendier pieces to still look young, hip, and happening. Enjoy the other picks for the power pant!

 1. Light Blue Slacks// 2. Navy Pattern Pants// 3. Tan Slacks// 4. Lace Slacks//5. Green Slacks// 6. Light Blue Floral 7. Flower Pants// 8. Seersucker// 9. Red Pattern//   

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Summer of Gingham

Lets talk about slacks, baby. That was me trying to be witty and scandalous. Neither of which I am. There are so many great slack puns, but I will stick to how to dress them up and down. (and refrain from making any more puns)  I have been all about the black tights and dresses for the winter. They were way too easy to wear. (And no one knew that I was actually being extremely lazy because they did not know that wearing tights and a dress is basically wearing an oversize tshirt and leggings) 

With the warmer weather I have been trying to find a substitute for the tights. I think that the thing I have been loving lately is navy slacks. I put them on the classic spring pieces post as well.  I hate jeans, they are so constricting. (they look great but feel horrible) There is just something about slacks that make wearing pants 100 times better! 

Seriously thought I love navy pattern slacks for work. (It helps that the majority of women in my office do wear patterned pants, so if yours is a little more formal I would double check what everyone else is wearing. Which sounds lame, but the number one rule in etiquette and social science norms is to pick a leader and whatever they do is socially acceptable... to an extent) 

Every time I wear navy slacks, I feel like Tory Burch. The casual and a put together look.  BUT, the thing that no one knows is that slacks are as comfortable as leggings. Unfortunately, I am not as established to wear slacks out and about other than work. I did see someone wearing this exact outfit on the town and they looked great! This is why wearing a button down and bold earrings is the perfect look for work.

 The fun thing about this post is that I paired these slacks with two different outfits. One I would wear to a girls day. Such as walking around town looking at the different shops. The other I would wear to a business casual work day. 

Patterns are not typically slimming, however for some reason patterned slacks are! Are they magic? I have no clue? Anyways for fun, I love this tshirt a bold necklace. It is so fun and girls. 
Then for business in the front. (Again, I know I am not funny) I love a chambray shirt then mix it with a bold Kendra Scott earring. (Which is great if you sit at a desk, not so great if you are dancing around. They are pretty heavy)  Happy slacking!

So go out there and be your brilliant self this month!
also check out this egg thing. This picture makes it look huge and alien like. However, it is pretty small. You can check it out at the park behind Des Moines Art Museum. 


Monday, May 1, 2017

Book Club?

The month of May is busy, so we are going to take a break from reading. We will take a break and go into the wonderful world of podcast. For the past couple of years I have been addicted to podcast. I think even at one point my friends outlawed me from talking about that. (Maybe I'll do a post on all of my updated favorites soon)

The podcast that got my addicted to all podcast was Serial. And there are two types of people in the world. People that love the first season, and those that love the second season. I myself am a second season kind of gal.

From there I went down a black hole of podcasting. (That is a 21st century word, just not yet in the dictionary).  The makers of Serial have come with a new series called Stown.  I do not know what I love about this series, but I could not stop listening to it. It is interesting and sad and funny and relatable. I have yet to listen to the last episode, but maybe that is what brings the whole season together. 

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