Thursday, April 6, 2017

What is in My Bag: Young Professional

As I have said time and time again I love this type of post the most. Everyone has something different, but there are for sure game changers that can make your life all the more easier. This is the young professional addition. I feel lately I have barely had time to breath. Hopefully in the next month things will simmer down. That is why I need to make sure I have everything in my bag for the day because there is no turning back. This is everything that has been in my bag lately. Not a lot has changed.

Tote Bag// This is hands down the best tote bag at the moment. Everyone is loving it and it is a great price. I think I am going to get it in the grey color.

Color Pens// These are life savers. Having a handful of pens on hand make organizing my planner all the more easier.

Planner// I think I would not show up to anything without my planner. 

Large Notebook// I am not even kidding, coming up with an idea for any project is the hardest  part for me. The doing is the easy part, the idea is where it gets me. (And I'm not even kidding when I say I get the spark from Pinterest. It does not matter what I am working on). This is where I plan everything in depth.

Tiny Notebook// I use this as my blog planner. I am either in the mood to write the post or do the graphics, but rarely both. This helps out a ton with writers block.

Pocket Notebook// This sounds lame, but I use this to plan my outfits. Mostly for trips, but sometimes during the week. (Have to space out the blazers).

Water Bottle// And of course this one never changes. I always carry this with me. I think I would fall over and die if I did not have a water bottle with me at all times.

Snack// I am always hungry during the day. This might be because of running or part of having a low will power. If I get hungry I am instantly tired. I try to always keep something around if I need a sugar rush. I love the sour bright crawler minis. The perfect snack for a mid day pick me up. It is not the healthiest, but hey sometimes its good motivation to keep going.

Double Sided Chapstick// I am the biggest chapstick fan. I feel like I am always dehydrated, so having chapstick is a must. Plus this stuff taste great. (Which sounds weird, but lets be honest, that's a make or break. Ha!)

Razor// Okay, this one is a little weird, but I always carry a razor with me. I not only have one in my bag, but I also keep a pack in my car. I travel a lot and I somehow always forget to bring one. This is not once or twice, this is probably something that happened for a solid 5 years. This way it is always in my  bag I never forget it. I love this swirl razor.


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