Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Blog Logo

It is that time We got a new logo on the blog! I am incredibly excited for this. I have been wanting a new one for a while and my work friend Jenn was so patient and awesome through the whole process. (Check out her other amazing work here and her Instagram!)

I have never really talked about my blog name, so this looks like the perfect opportunity. I'll also share a little bit about the logo.

So what is in a name? A fashion/lifestyle blog by any other name is still as trendy.(<That was not funny, I just spent a lot of time coming up with that I had to use it.) So I have had three blog names. (This is the third.) The others were horrible, so I will not even mention them. So it has not been until this past year that I started telling people about my blog. The first person I told was a friend and they wanted to see it. I still had the horrible name at the time and I asked my family at dinner what my blog name should be. (Still did not tell them I had one.) My family threw out a couple of lame names, so I kind of gave up on it. Then my mom went to walk the dog. I asked her where she was heading. She replied, "oh just around the neighborhood."

Bam! I had it. I thought it was perfect because I could show everything and anything that is in my neighborhood (My life).

As for the logo, Jenn was AH-MAZ-ING. She walked me through the whole process and did a phenomenal job. I was just as needy with this logo as I am in real life and Jenn was so incredibly professional. She came up with an outstanding loge. (She has some serious talent!)

For the play by play of the logo: I love peonies and lilies for table flowers. Lilies smell amazing and mixed with peonies they are a dynamic duo. However, there is just something about a hydrangea that makes you want to stop and look. (Probably because I love the color blue.) Jenn incorporated my love for that. Also, I am a sucker for anything lavender flavor. It is my secret mission to try anything that is lavender flavor on any menu. So this logo turned out perfect for Just Around the Neighborhood.

I am beyond excited for this blog and there is a handful of other fun this coming in the future.

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