Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Want Candy

The title for this post is only because the days of Aaron Carter may have been every 90s child's peak. Seriously, music will never be that good ever again. Brittany Spears and Aaron Cater mixtape was played on my walkman during every single car ride. Abba can also be mixed with that, but I did not wanted to embarrass myself too much during this post. 

I am typically not a big sweet person. I am all about the savory foods. My go to gas station food is beef jerky and some sort of cheese and crackers. (ew, I know) The California-cation, I let myself go crazy on the sweet department. (Which just caused more cravings.) This week it goes back to the normal eating schedule. Before the fun stops, here is a little tid bit of my favorite sweets. (Also check it out these hydrangeas, very Just Around The Neighborhood. Whoever picked them out did a great job;) ) 

I love these little gummy worms. I feel like you can never have enough. I also brought these into work and everyone was my best friend that day. I can not imagine why?

Also a little story from my California-cation. When I first got there I was chatting about my favorite meal ready to eat, and this conversation went down. 
Me: My favorite Meal is the chili mac, it has skittles.
Coworker: Ew Chili mac is the worst.
Me: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! That is my nickname. (My last name is mack)
Coworker: Your nickname is skittles?

And right there, at that moment the nickname skittles stuck. 

Champagne Bears// Rose Gummies// Pecan Delight// Red Vines// Peanut M&M// Dove Caramel


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