Saturday, April 29, 2017

Classic Spring Pieces

Happy Spring Friends! Things are starting to warm up, the cold is gone and it is not at the point where you cry every time you walk outside because of the heat. These are some of the items that I wear pretty much all the time. This rose necklace from Jcrew is something I got years ago, and still wear often. Other than that I try to keep the wardrobe a little light, and add layers when it gets chilly. (the barn jacket is my favorite)

I am also loving navy pattern pants for the spring time. I hate jeans with a passion. (still on the hunt for a perfect pair) Slacks are like leggings for the work force. The slacks are extremely sliming and I feel like Tory Burch every time I wear them. 

Top Layer: Trench Coat// Patagonia// Field Jacket// Tweed Jacket//  Jean Jacket// 

DressShirt Dress// Work Dress// Lace Dress// Also love this one//

Shoes: Jack Rogers// Scallop Heels// Birkenstock// Nude Flats//

Bottoms: Lace Skirt// Plaid Aline Skirt//   Navy Pattern Pants// White Shorts// 

Accessories: Pastel Tote// Tassel Clutch// Rose Necklace//

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  1. Great post! I'd like it if you could discuss a little more about the pieces in the photo you posted. I see the rose necklace, but it's not immediately next to the commentary (LOVE that necklace btw!).

    I love the shoes, do you own them? They look like Ferragamo. I don't know if I agree with you on jeans, but it is so hard to find a perfect pair!

    I love your Spring style and look forward to more posts!


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