Thursday, April 20, 2017


This post feels how I felt during 100 Aprils during my lifetime. Burt from the whole semester and finals just around the corner. Similar to 40 essays due in one week. A lot has changed since then, but not so much my writing ability. (So bad, I get it)

 You know all of those cool rocks that people throw on instagram. Well, my California-Cation was the military version of that. Basically Coachella, military version. (kidding) I think it might be the reason that I went to MSU and love a good painted rock. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the painted rock mountain. The other thing that I was head over heels about was the helicopter ride I got to go on. I may or may no have had to beg to go on it. Also, I might have only have gotten to go on it because the group of people I was begging to go on this ride. I think they wanted me to just stop talking rather deal with me. (You lose some, and you win some) 

Everyone makes fun of me when I go into detail about this, but the helicopter ride was crazy. The doors were open, so you could stick your feet out into the air. (I made sure I had a side seat). We were hovering about 30 feet above the ground at one points. Then scaling the mountains was just as scary. (the seats felt as though you could fall out at any time.) 

Anyways, I do not know exactly where I am going with this, but it was an experience for sure!



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