Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is just around that corner. The person who is our number one fan, why not celebrate her for all she is worth. My mother loves all things kitchen related. Which Kate Spade has a couple of cute things. Also, I love to receive coffee table book, so the recipe book with some great photos are perfect for decoration. Here are some other cute ideas to give to mom. And if these do not work, you can always make her a handmade card;)


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Classic Spring Pieces

Happy Spring Friends! Things are starting to warm up, the cold is gone and it is not at the point where you cry every time you walk outside because of the heat. These are some of the items that I wear pretty much all the time. This rose necklace from Jcrew is something I got years ago, and still wear often. Other than that I try to keep the wardrobe a little light, and add layers when it gets chilly. (the barn jacket is my favorite)

I am also loving navy pattern pants for the spring time. I hate jeans with a passion. (still on the hunt for a perfect pair) Slacks are like leggings for the work force. The slacks are extremely sliming and I feel like Tory Burch every time I wear them. 

Top Layer: Trench Coat// Patagonia// Field Jacket// Tweed Jacket//  Jean Jacket// 

DressShirt Dress// Work Dress// Lace Dress// Also love this one//

Shoes: Jack Rogers// Scallop Heels// Birkenstock// Nude Flats//

Bottoms: Lace Skirt// Plaid Aline Skirt//   Navy Pattern Pants// White Shorts// 

Accessories: Pastel Tote// Tassel Clutch// Rose Necklace//

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hydrangea Dress? Or Flowers?

We have new stuff on the blog! The reason I got this blog in the first place was to practice graphic design, the whole blog thing has turned into more than just a place to practice that. It has almost become my little hub of a creative outlet.

I never posted goals for this year, but the big one was to grow the blog. (I mean, also to excel in my first job, and establish myself in the first new city where I know virtually no one.) Other than that, making my corner of the internet to be hip and happening was another one. I love a good outfit post, so why not join that aspect onto the blog as well. I feel lame having my outfit on the blog, but I love seeing normal people, and how the wear their clothing. 

What I am getting at is that I have been getting more into branding. Hopefully this blog will go more into that. I feel like there is only so much you can talk about a single outfit. I do not know how some people can write a novel on a whole outfit. 

However, this dress is AH-MAZ-ING. It is hydrangea blue, lace, and classic. Plus it is made to fit like a glove. I also snuck it in here. Add nude heels and you can concur anything. Add a blazer, good for work. Add a jean jacket and you are ready for something more casual. Add some flowers, and you are good for spring;) 

Spring into Action

 The midwest is finally getting warm weather, and that means the open toe shoes are being broken out. There have not been too many choices for good sandals, that or maybe it is too early in the season. 

I can guarantee you I will never be a women who can gracefully walk in heels. Actually, scratch that. I will never be a women who can walk gracefully period. Since the day I was born I have been a clumsy storm. (There are pictures of me when I am two with my whole nose scraped off because I fell on the sidewalk) 

This is why I love the summer, because it just screams sandals. Do you know what Sandals are? Mostly flats. Here are some cute picks that I am loving for the warmer weather. 

Scallop Heels// Wrap Shoes// Scallop Flats// Tory// Wedge Heels// Jack Rogers// 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Want Candy

The title for this post is only because the days of Aaron Carter may have been every 90s child's peak. Seriously, music will never be that good ever again. Brittany Spears and Aaron Cater mixtape was played on my walkman during every single car ride. Abba can also be mixed with that, but I did not wanted to embarrass myself too much during this post. 

I am typically not a big sweet person. I am all about the savory foods. My go to gas station food is beef jerky and some sort of cheese and crackers. (ew, I know) The California-cation, I let myself go crazy on the sweet department. (Which just caused more cravings.) This week it goes back to the normal eating schedule. Before the fun stops, here is a little tid bit of my favorite sweets. (Also check it out these hydrangeas, very Just Around The Neighborhood. Whoever picked them out did a great job;) ) 

I love these little gummy worms. I feel like you can never have enough. I also brought these into work and everyone was my best friend that day. I can not imagine why?

Also a little story from my California-cation. When I first got there I was chatting about my favorite meal ready to eat, and this conversation went down. 
Me: My favorite Meal is the chili mac, it has skittles.
Coworker: Ew Chili mac is the worst.
Me: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! That is my nickname. (My last name is mack)
Coworker: Your nickname is skittles?

And right there, at that moment the nickname skittles stuck. 

Champagne Bears// Rose Gummies// Pecan Delight// Red Vines// Peanut M&M// Dove Caramel


Thursday, April 20, 2017


This post feels how I felt during 100 Aprils during my lifetime. Burt from the whole semester and finals just around the corner. Similar to 40 essays due in one week. A lot has changed since then, but not so much my writing ability. (So bad, I get it)

 You know all of those cool rocks that people throw on instagram. Well, my California-Cation was the military version of that. Basically Coachella, military version. (kidding) I think it might be the reason that I went to MSU and love a good painted rock. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the painted rock mountain. The other thing that I was head over heels about was the helicopter ride I got to go on. I may or may no have had to beg to go on it. Also, I might have only have gotten to go on it because the group of people I was begging to go on this ride. I think they wanted me to just stop talking rather deal with me. (You lose some, and you win some) 

Everyone makes fun of me when I go into detail about this, but the helicopter ride was crazy. The doors were open, so you could stick your feet out into the air. (I made sure I had a side seat). We were hovering about 30 feet above the ground at one points. Then scaling the mountains was just as scary. (the seats felt as though you could fall out at any time.) 

Anyways, I do not know exactly where I am going with this, but it was an experience for sure!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

White High Low Dress and Army Green Style Guide

I am loving the white high low dress look and the army green color for spring. The nice weather is finally breaking out in Des Moines (aside from that overly warm February that felt like summer all year) With warmer weather that means lighter fabric. I love the subtle high low dress look.

My hips are the biggest part of me, so making sure my hips are covered and secure is always a plus. (No fashion melt downs with there). I love how crisp these dresses look, you can wear them as a dress or tunic. I love how versatile they can be. Also I love a good green dress and these ones from Zaful are perfect! 

Emroidered Tie Front Tunic Dress//Lace Spliced High Low Smock Dress// High Low Single-Breasted Tunic Shirt Dress//  Ankle Strap Sandal//  Gladiator Sandals// Slingback Sandal// Blue Earring// Black Earring// Belt

Bell Cuff Sleeve Tie Waist Dress// Sheer Lace Flare Sleeve Dress// Tie Belt Midi Shirt Dress// Monogram Bracelet// Nude Heels// Sandal// Monogram Necklace// Wedge Bag//

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Blog Logo

It is that time We got a new logo on the blog! I am incredibly excited for this. I have been wanting a new one for a while and my work friend Jenn was so patient and awesome through the whole process. (Check out her other amazing work here and her Instagram!)

I have never really talked about my blog name, so this looks like the perfect opportunity. I'll also share a little bit about the logo.

So what is in a name? A fashion/lifestyle blog by any other name is still as trendy.(<That was not funny, I just spent a lot of time coming up with that I had to use it.) So I have had three blog names. (This is the third.) The others were horrible, so I will not even mention them. So it has not been until this past year that I started telling people about my blog. The first person I told was a friend and they wanted to see it. I still had the horrible name at the time and I asked my family at dinner what my blog name should be. (Still did not tell them I had one.) My family threw out a couple of lame names, so I kind of gave up on it. Then my mom went to walk the dog. I asked her where she was heading. She replied, "oh just around the neighborhood."

Bam! I had it. I thought it was perfect because I could show everything and anything that is in my neighborhood (My life).

As for the logo, Jenn was AH-MAZ-ING. She walked me through the whole process and did a phenomenal job. I was just as needy with this logo as I am in real life and Jenn was so incredibly professional. She came up with an outstanding loge. (She has some serious talent!)

For the play by play of the logo: I love peonies and lilies for table flowers. Lilies smell amazing and mixed with peonies they are a dynamic duo. However, there is just something about a hydrangea that makes you want to stop and look. (Probably because I love the color blue.) Jenn incorporated my love for that. Also, I am a sucker for anything lavender flavor. It is my secret mission to try anything that is lavender flavor on any menu. So this logo turned out perfect for Just Around the Neighborhood.

I am beyond excited for this blog and there is a handful of other fun this coming in the future.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

What is in My Bag: Young Professional

As I have said time and time again I love this type of post the most. Everyone has something different, but there are for sure game changers that can make your life all the more easier. This is the young professional addition. I feel lately I have barely had time to breath. Hopefully in the next month things will simmer down. That is why I need to make sure I have everything in my bag for the day because there is no turning back. This is everything that has been in my bag lately. Not a lot has changed.

Tote Bag// This is hands down the best tote bag at the moment. Everyone is loving it and it is a great price. I think I am going to get it in the grey color.

Color Pens// These are life savers. Having a handful of pens on hand make organizing my planner all the more easier.

Planner// I think I would not show up to anything without my planner. 

Large Notebook// I am not even kidding, coming up with an idea for any project is the hardest  part for me. The doing is the easy part, the idea is where it gets me. (And I'm not even kidding when I say I get the spark from Pinterest. It does not matter what I am working on). This is where I plan everything in depth.

Tiny Notebook// I use this as my blog planner. I am either in the mood to write the post or do the graphics, but rarely both. This helps out a ton with writers block.

Pocket Notebook// This sounds lame, but I use this to plan my outfits. Mostly for trips, but sometimes during the week. (Have to space out the blazers).

Water Bottle// And of course this one never changes. I always carry this with me. I think I would fall over and die if I did not have a water bottle with me at all times.

Snack// I am always hungry during the day. This might be because of running or part of having a low will power. If I get hungry I am instantly tired. I try to always keep something around if I need a sugar rush. I love the sour bright crawler minis. The perfect snack for a mid day pick me up. It is not the healthiest, but hey sometimes its good motivation to keep going.

Double Sided Chapstick// I am the biggest chapstick fan. I feel like I am always dehydrated, so having chapstick is a must. Plus this stuff taste great. (Which sounds weird, but lets be honest, that's a make or break. Ha!)

Razor// Okay, this one is a little weird, but I always carry a razor with me. I not only have one in my bag, but I also keep a pack in my car. I travel a lot and I somehow always forget to bring one. This is not once or twice, this is probably something that happened for a solid 5 years. This way it is always in my  bag I never forget it. I love this swirl razor.

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