Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Favorites

March was a wild month. It started with a trip to Chicago, the middle a trip to Omaha, and ended with a trip to my California-cation. (Just kidding California is another work trip). At this point I do not even know why I own an apartment. Oh right, I need an address so I can online shop;)

Other than traveling left and right, I have been settling more and more into the Des Moines groove. It is hard to get a schedule down with the traveling, but I am doing the best I can staying busy. Which is always more fun. Here is everything that has gotten me through this month.

Highlighter Pens// These are the best. I love how it brings a pop of color but as thin as a pen. I have been organizing my planner with these lately. 

Trader Joe's Pineapple Juice// My apartment is set at a solid 82 degrees at all times. Decond order effect is this dries my skin and throat out so bad. I got a humidifier which helped tons, but I still had a cough. I heard this juice coats your throat as well as cough syrup. So I have had this as a staple in my fridge lately. 

Military Jacket// Spring and Fall mean lighter coats. I love this jacket because it covers your hips so it is good to wear with leggings. Also the pockets are huge so it basically doubles as a purse!

Loafers and Spring Shoes//  Unfortunately boot weather is coming to a close. (Can you still wear tights in spring?) With that being said it is not quite sandal weather yet. I am loving closed toed shoes for spring. (Plus loafers are basically slippers. 

Work Dress and Blue Dress// I feel that without tights, hemlines for work have to be a little longer. I still love a good work dress. The shirt dress is basically like wearing your linen duvet around all day.

Stapler// Having cute office supplies makes staying organized that much easier. My desk aesthetic is turning into rose gold/pink.


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