Monday, March 6, 2017

Feb Fave's

February in Des Moines is apparently comparable to Florida. The weather got pretty perfect about half way though. It feels like I have been in Des Moines for forever, and yet it feels like every other day I do something new. I think I have been so busy, I just have not had any time to think about it. I have just been trying to take in Des Moines for all it is worth. 

Other than Des Moines I took on the quest of skiing this month. It started out not being able to get enough speed, and once I got the speed I realized that I never learned how to actually stop. Needless to say, I had a couple of tumbles! Overall, it was a great workout and a relaxing evening!

From there I headed to Chicago for work. It was a busy week and it was great to take in a sneak peak of the city. I was unable to spend too much time there, but I am excited for a trip in the near future. Overall it was a crazy fun month, and this is everything that go me through the month. 

Tassel Necklace// This has been my favorite go to necklace for every shift dress. This is seriously a go to necklace for anything simplistic that needs an added sparkle. 

Aviators//  These have been my go to for years, and blue has been my favorite for forever. I have nothing to say other than this is a my favorite classic glasses. 

CoverGirl Foundation// I have gone though hundreds of drugstore foundations. This CoverGirl foundation was so over hyped, and I am so late to the bandwagon. This is hands down the best one I have ever used yet. It is just as good as the Clinique matte finish foundation. 

Bronzer// Pink is a horrible color on me. It kind of makes me look like I am having an allergic reaction. Finding a blush can be close to impossible, I found that using a bronzer to do the same thing can have a just as good effect. 

Loafers// These are so great to slip on for work. I find them to be more comfortable than flats, not as great as boots. They do look great with all pants. 

Matte Eyeshadow// I do not know why sparkle eyeshadow became popular. I am a sucker for an eyeshadow palette, which means 90% of your colors have some sort of a sparkle. This palette is great because you can get all of the color choices without looking like you raided limited too. 

Work Skirt// Having a wide array of work clothes makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. Work skirt are like not wearing pants, and more casual than dresses. It is a perfect match. 

Chi Tassel Spray// I am not a big hair product person however, this has been life changing. I loved how easy it is to style your hair without all the stick!

Red Dress  Boutique// I want every single outfit from this store. They have great prices, and cute looks! 


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