Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Outfits.

 I hate holidays, but you can not hate this holiday because it is cliche. So bake some cookies, wear some pink, blow dry your hair and get ready for this holiday with a positive attitude...

Holidays are always either a hit or miss. They are either 100% great or not noteworthy. One of my best Vdays was my first year at Michigan State University. I went to study/ treat myself for the holiday at Panera. I got back in the late evening. One of the girls on my hall asked my what I was doing the rest of the night. I pretty much told her nothing. 

She laughed and told me they had some stuff in the fridge and it all had to be gone by the end of the night (obviously). We were all single and it only made sense that we would celebrate together. Anyways, one thing led to the other and everyone in on my floor became best friends. To this date, one of the girls is still my very best friends.If anything, keep an open mind and have a happy holiday! If it can not be happy, at least you will look great! Here are some of my go to outfits for the date!


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