Sunday, February 26, 2017

Travel Shoes

The traveling never stops, this past weekend I went skiing in Colorado. And now I am currently in the airport to catch a flight to Chicago for the week. With 30,000 miles this past year, and this year not as much, but just as many trips. I feel like I am kind of an expert at this point. 

I have mad a couple of shoe mistakes. I love sandals, but they are horrible for walking or your arches. Then in France this past year I picked up some amazing walking shoes. They were 10 dollar slip ons and I only needed them for a month, it was perfect. 

I go to throw them on, and there were two left shoes. It was an instant throw away. What was left was to wear my bright white keds with my drop waist, pleated dress. It was less than ideal. (as pictured above). Here are some picks so you do not have to run into that problem.


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