Sunday, February 19, 2017


Every 7th post I try to do some sort of lifestyle post. This is usually easy, but I have not been taking too many pictures lately so not a lot to show. I have been in Des Moines for a total of two months. I am loving it. The people are great, and it does not hurt that there are a tone of little restaurants and artsy things scattered around. 

I do not even know what to write about it other than I like it. Whoever said college is the best time of your life was wrong. Post-grad life is 100 times better. You have way more free time and get to go to nicer bars. Here is a little slice of what I have been up to.

Watching- I have been watching a lot of TV since graduation. It is easy to have it on in the background while doing every day task. (my apartment has never been so clean). Where in college 85% of my time was dedicated to studying. (hard to watch TV and do that).  I got HBO now, and binge watched the show Girls. It is for sure a guilty pleasure, however I finished it. Plus when Hannah goes to live in Iowa, that was extremely relatable.  

Listening-  I have been listening to Alt Nation on XM radio like it is my job. The songs are so angsty, but I love them. Also going back to the show Girls, the music on that show is hands down the best. I love the song Can't take my eyes off of you, thanks to Girls. 

Drinking- It is no secret I am a coffee addict. I have been drinking Trader Joe's coffee lately, and it is hands down the best coffee I have had since my favorite coffee shop in East Lansing closed down. 

Excited- The next two months are going to be crazy. This is extremely good, and a little unsettling. However, taking it day by day and next weekend is a ski trip. I have not been in years, so it will be interesting to see the skill set. I am just excited to be near the mountains and get a good insta picture of course;)

Needing-  I need some colored pens desperately. I am using brown, yellow, and grey. It is bad. I keep meaning to get some and it just keeps slipping my mind. 

Loving- 1/4 of my living room is put together at the moment. That 1/4 is my favorite place ever. I have a fuzzy rug and a couch with throw pillows that is probably comparable to a little slice of heaven. Okay, that is dramatic, but I still I am enjoying it. 

Wearing- I have been wearing black tights and dresses as much as I can. It is pretty much wearing an oversize tshirt and leggings, but the grown professional version. 

That is a little slice of what is going on right now. 


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