Monday, February 27, 2017

Colorado Weekend

I have not been skiing in years, and by years I mean elementary school. That is probably along the lines of decades. I was kind of nervous because I can do any A to B sport (running, swimming, kayaking) When it comes where it is a lot of moving around (soccer, basketball, volleyball) I am horrible. Even my yoga instructor said, "Very rarely do we have someone come in where they have all the strength, but none of the balance or flexibility" 
What I trying to get at is I suck at sports, but I enjoy being active. I loved going skiing. It was kind of a last minute, if everything works out I will go kind of thing, and it worked out perfect! 
I loved skiing, and being out in the mountains. It was nice to get away from the mid west for the weekend. There was just a lot of relaxing and it was just an all around amazing weekend. I just cannot believe how fast it went by.

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