Monday, February 27, 2017

Colorado Weekend

I have not been skiing in years, and by years I mean elementary school. That is probably along the lines of decades. I was kind of nervous because I can do any A to B sport (running, swimming, kayaking) When it comes where it is a lot of moving around (soccer, basketball, volleyball) I am horrible. Even my yoga instructor said, "Very rarely do we have someone come in where they have all the strength, but none of the balance or flexibility" 
What I trying to get at is I suck at sports, but I enjoy being active. I loved going skiing. It was kind of a last minute, if everything works out I will go kind of thing, and it worked out perfect! 
I loved skiing, and being out in the mountains. It was nice to get away from the mid west for the weekend. There was just a lot of relaxing and it was just an all around amazing weekend. I just cannot believe how fast it went by.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Travel Shoes

The traveling never stops, this past weekend I went skiing in Colorado. And now I am currently in the airport to catch a flight to Chicago for the week. With 30,000 miles this past year, and this year not as much, but just as many trips. I feel like I am kind of an expert at this point. 

I have mad a couple of shoe mistakes. I love sandals, but they are horrible for walking or your arches. Then in France this past year I picked up some amazing walking shoes. They were 10 dollar slip ons and I only needed them for a month, it was perfect. 

I go to throw them on, and there were two left shoes. It was an instant throw away. What was left was to wear my bright white keds with my drop waist, pleated dress. It was less than ideal. (as pictured above). Here are some picks so you do not have to run into that problem.


Sunday, February 19, 2017


Every 7th post I try to do some sort of lifestyle post. This is usually easy, but I have not been taking too many pictures lately so not a lot to show. I have been in Des Moines for a total of two months. I am loving it. The people are great, and it does not hurt that there are a tone of little restaurants and artsy things scattered around. 

I do not even know what to write about it other than I like it. Whoever said college is the best time of your life was wrong. Post-grad life is 100 times better. You have way more free time and get to go to nicer bars. Here is a little slice of what I have been up to.

Watching- I have been watching a lot of TV since graduation. It is easy to have it on in the background while doing every day task. (my apartment has never been so clean). Where in college 85% of my time was dedicated to studying. (hard to watch TV and do that).  I got HBO now, and binge watched the show Girls. It is for sure a guilty pleasure, however I finished it. Plus when Hannah goes to live in Iowa, that was extremely relatable.  

Listening-  I have been listening to Alt Nation on XM radio like it is my job. The songs are so angsty, but I love them. Also going back to the show Girls, the music on that show is hands down the best. I love the song Can't take my eyes off of you, thanks to Girls. 

Drinking- It is no secret I am a coffee addict. I have been drinking Trader Joe's coffee lately, and it is hands down the best coffee I have had since my favorite coffee shop in East Lansing closed down. 

Excited- The next two months are going to be crazy. This is extremely good, and a little unsettling. However, taking it day by day and next weekend is a ski trip. I have not been in years, so it will be interesting to see the skill set. I am just excited to be near the mountains and get a good insta picture of course;)

Needing-  I need some colored pens desperately. I am using brown, yellow, and grey. It is bad. I keep meaning to get some and it just keeps slipping my mind. 

Loving- 1/4 of my living room is put together at the moment. That 1/4 is my favorite place ever. I have a fuzzy rug and a couch with throw pillows that is probably comparable to a little slice of heaven. Okay, that is dramatic, but I still I am enjoying it. 

Wearing- I have been wearing black tights and dresses as much as I can. It is pretty much wearing an oversize tshirt and leggings, but the grown professional version. 

That is a little slice of what is going on right now. 


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Good Book Club: Modern Lovers

No matter what state I am in life, I am always a big advocate on playing the hand you were dealt. So why no embrace the February love? I think across the board people hate this month. Winter sucks if you live in the north. There is no sun what so ever, and why not make your read for the month an easy read? 

Modern Lovers will not make you a literary genius by any means, but make your month a little load lighter by making your book an easy one. Plus who does not love a good tryst? (Also fun fact my senior thesis class had a vocabulary word of the day and tryst was one of those. So shout out to Professor T.)


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February Flush

  I am not the biggest pink or red person, but in February I feel like you need to be. Also it is fun to mix it up when you do not normally do that. There are someone of my favorite makeup pieces for a romantic February flush. 

I am currently on the hunt for a pink lipstick. I have the hardest time finding one for myself. I need a color that is dark enough where it will not wash me out, and have a purple undertone. So that will be my beauty goal for the month. 

For the eyes, I normally wear brown in my crease every single day. I have green eyes so the pink really makes this pop. This would be a great look for a galentines event.  
Then for smell, I never wear perfume, but that jasmine scent is to die for. Plus the bottle is so simplistic. 


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

You are Formally Invited...

The highlight of any year is hands down going to an event. More importantly, an event where you wear a cute dress. Okay, I am kidding, but those type of events  for sure take the most effort. 

I feel like Feb-May is the time big events go down COMMA AND stores decide to NAWT have any cocktail dresses what so ever. Yes, you can always get a club dress, but normal people who want to look somewhat presentable on their Instagram, that is not really an option.

I have a couple events for the next couple of months so I have been on the cocktail dress hunt. I am also in that awkward stage where I am not a college student, but I am still young and want to look young yet professional. If I go slightly to one side I look like a wild college student, and to the other I look like a grandma. 

Long story short, I had a hard journey finding my picks. I am in between these two: This and This.  Here were some other great choices!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Outfits.

 I hate holidays, but you can not hate this holiday because it is cliche. So bake some cookies, wear some pink, blow dry your hair and get ready for this holiday with a positive attitude...

Holidays are always either a hit or miss. They are either 100% great or not noteworthy. One of my best Vdays was my first year at Michigan State University. I went to study/ treat myself for the holiday at Panera. I got back in the late evening. One of the girls on my hall asked my what I was doing the rest of the night. I pretty much told her nothing. 

She laughed and told me they had some stuff in the fridge and it all had to be gone by the end of the night (obviously). We were all single and it only made sense that we would celebrate together. Anyways, one thing led to the other and everyone in on my floor became best friends. To this date, one of the girls is still my very best friends.If anything, keep an open mind and have a happy holiday! If it can not be happy, at least you will look great! Here are some of my go to outfits for the date!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

January 2017 Favorites

The month of January was so great it pretty much made up for the whole year of 2016 being so horrible. I am happy. Like really happy. I am so happy that it almost feels unnatural, like I lied on my taxes and got a bigger bonus than I deserved. I almost feel guilty being this happy. I do not even want to tell people how happy I am because I feel like it could be taken away. (This is why I am sharing this on my blog, obviously). 

Anyways, January was great. The beginning of the month was brought in by New Years in Destin, Florida. Which could not have been a better place. I was not overly thrilled to be in Florida of all places, but the people made the trip the best. We rented a condo, and pretty much just spent three days with all of my favorite people in the world. They were amazing, and I am so lucky to have them in my life. We all went into this trip with the thought that this would be a low key trip, and it out so over the top. 

Then back to reality for the rest of the month. I started my new job. Which I love. I am not going to go into too much details because I would just bore you with my gushing, but it feels like I found my niche. 

Other than that the rest of the month has been just getting into a routine and loving Des Moines. Yes, Des Moines is actually a fun city, but that is off the record. Here is everything that got me through this past month.

1. Comfortable Work Clothes// If you can go to work feeling like you are wearing PJs, that is a win in my book. I like pairing this with a pencil skirt or slacks. I know it is nothing special, but this made winter mornings great. 

2. Work Dresses// Okay, so back to comfortable work clothes. Add black tights and black booties. Pair it with a blazer and it is like wearing an oversized shirt with leggings. Hands down the best work outfit, and so comfy. 

3. Hair Dryer// So I did not get this hair dryer, but I did upgrade mine. It is life changing. Seriously if you think you need to get a new hairdryer, get one!\

4. Fleece Leggings// I am having a hard time keeping up with workouts inside. If you have ever visited a midwest winter, you understand the struggle. Inside is extremely dry. Plus, looking at the treadmill tick by is a struggle. I started running back outside, and the warm gear is much needed. Having the right leggings for the job makes it easier. 

5. Throw Pillows// I am currently working on revamping my first adult apartment. I have no clue what I am doing. However, I have found that throw pillows can make a difference on how the whole room looks. 

6. Couch// I bought two couches this month. I did not get this one,  but it fits the same theme. 

7. Black Heel Boots// Going along with the work dress, these are perfect. I can not wear heels for the life of me. I think I used up all of my heel time in high school, and no it is no longer a thing my body can do. However, boot heels give you all the height and none of the pain. It is amazing what a game changer they can be. 

8. Fresh 20// This program is for the 20 something that has an idea how to cook but does not want 400 ingredients and wants to mix it up. Fresh 20 sends you recipes for the week, as well as a grocery list. There are also pantry ingredients needs that you should have for all the time. I like how they also have different meal plans to fit different needs. I personally use the paleo, I cut the recipe down a size for a single person. 

9. Trader Joe's Peppermin Mocha Coffee// This is hands down the best flavored coffee I have ever consumed. There are no fake sugars, and it taste like you are consuming a chocolate bar. 

PS. I started rewatching Girls. Hannah moving to Iowa, and her over the top reaction is exactly how I feel about Iowa. Everyone should drop everything and come here ASAP;)

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