Thursday, January 19, 2017

Passion Project

I like a lot of things. I’m not exactly a professional at any, but all of things make up the big things. I was lucky enough to find a passion that could bring together all my favorite day to day hobbies. So how can I take these random hobbies and turn that into one big passion? 
In high school I worked several random jobs. The worst was where I was a personal assistant for this woman who was opening a pet shop. At 9 dollars an hour in high school, it was not going to get any more glamorous. I will not go into too much detail, but that was hands down the worst job I ever worked. 

One thing did come from it though. The owner, let’s call her Jill, one day was trying to create a flyer. She was using Photoshop and taught me a couple of tricks. Once she left for the day I got the coupons printed out. I was amazed by this program, and I always loved paper dolls growing up. I had an event to go to later in the week, so I started creating my outfit on there. This also just so happened to be when blogging became extremely popular. I looked at what I created, and started dabbling around with WordPress, and wahlah! I had a blog! 
Not only is a blog a great way to showcase your skills, but it can also open many more opportunities. These are some of the bloggers whose blog has turned into many more opportunities. 


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