Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Leave It List

Sure, 2016 was #Wild. We all learned a lot from this year. We want to leave a couple of things there. I can not help you with that. What I can help you with, some fashion help on what to leave behind. These are looks I saw throughout the year and was not exactly the biggest fan of. If you like these looks, good for you, but you are wrong. Just kidding, if these are your style you do you, boo boo. 

1. Lilly Pulitzer Dress with Fall Boots// Seriously, I cringed when I saw this. We get it, you love Lilly and you love fall. To be honest, I love Lilly too. However, you can not wear a dainty summer sun dress with heavy fall boots. I do not know what would go through a human's brain to make them think that this was a great look, but please leave this at home. Keep the Lilly dress, Keep the fall boots, but keep them apart. 

2. Quirky Anything// We get it, you like New Girl. You look ridiculous pretending to be awkward because it is cute. Why not try to be empowered and look like you have your life together instead?

3. Overalls// If you are a grown women leave these at home. 

4. Mary Janes// I feel like this goes back to the Quirky look. Unless you are a dancer, these shoes are horrible. 

5. Overly Scandalous// I am not telling you to wear a turtleneck. everyday. I am a big advocate for the 1/3 rule. As in only show one part at a time, and cover the rest. I also get wearing something scandalous every once in a while such as: New Years Eve, Birthday, after a break up, or spring break. I get it, we see something cute , and have to have it. Still, for every single event? I am not even talking about going out for the night, I am talking about full blown professional events. It looks trashy. Even Emma Watson can do this, have a scandalous romper every once in a while, and classic/put together for the majority of  the time.

6. Red Lipstick// This was the worst trend of 2016. No one looks good in red lipstick. Not even Taylor Swift. 


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