Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Organizational Jump Start

This year I am trying to focus more on organization. Before I was living in shoe box apartments in college. (The price of having your own room). Now that I have my own place and space to organize, this is going to be more of a priority. I am no expert, but here are some tricks I have learned along the way.
Journals and Planners// I have a planner to write down what I need to do and where I need to be. Then for list such as a grocery list or things I just need to remember I just started carrying around a little journal with me. PLUS, color coding everything with pens is easy to just glance at and know what you need to know. 

Shelves//  Just having a shelf with little baskets on them to throw all of your trinkets is the easiest way for non-organized people to stay organized. 

Makeup bags// If you change tote bags often take all your necessities and keep them in the makeup bag for an easy switch. 

Pen Holder// I think the worst thing on any desk is scattered pens. This is hands down the easiest way to clean up. (For a more Jenna Lyons look, use old/cleaned out soup cans)

Tray Plate// Put this by your front door for all of your necessities you need before you run out the door.


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