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Oh my gosh, 2016 was one word. Wild. There was not one dull moment this past year. There were sad moments, there were happy moments, there was so much good, and a smudge bad. 2016 will always be a year to remember. I think by textbook definitions this was my best year yet. I can not believe it is over. Here are some of my lifestyle favorites from 2016.
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Trips// I traveled over 30,000 miles in 2016. Sometimes it felt like my life was  constantly living out of a suitcase.  I went to 17 countries and went to so many states. Honestly though, I learned it had nothing to do with the place you go, but the people spend it with. I think my favorite trip was with my friends in Florida. (of all places!) Here is a a list of all the places I went!

January// Tourist in my own town.
March// Alabama and Iowa (pretty much the same place?).
April// Kentucky and Gettysburg.
May// West Point and Oscoda.
July// Myrtle Beach
August// Alabama, Virginia, Savannah
September// North Carolina and Virginia
October// Europe (here, here)
November// Turnip Rock
December// Iowa and Florida

Friends// I think we focus so hard on romantic Relationships, that we often forget how lucky we can get with our friendships. This past year I was extremely lucky enough to find out how great the people in my life are to me. Trust me, this past year I was not the most pleasant person to deal with. There was so much going on things that I could have controlled and did not deal with (My favorite quote of the year said by my dear friend, "If you do not deal with the shit, you are just going to have to keep dealing with), and also things way outside of my control that really took a toll. My friends were always there to grab me by my bootstraps, pick me up, and give me a good laugh. I am truly lucky to have that village of people in my life. 
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Graduation// I graduated  from college this past year! I do not know how, but having that piece of paper is amazing! I was so ready to graduate and close that chapter in my life. I do have to say, school wise I did learn the most my last semester of college.

South Carolina// I had to live in South Carolina for three months for work. I loved every single second of it. It was close to everyone and everything. I got to travel every weekend to see friends and family. I want to end up back in South Carolina at some point in my career. 
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Commissioning// This was hands down the longest day of my life. I do not know how I made it through. I woke up from a fun night, made it on time to a rehearsal. Talked with friends, laughed. I barely had time to do my hair. I got back I picked up the guest speaker from the airport. I chatted with family. I cried thinking about my college experience. It ended. I went to dinner with my favorite people. I partied with all of my friends for the last time in college. I had 20 minutes to myself the whole day, and all I could think was "wow". It was a speechless moment. 
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Letting Go// I watched The Darjeeling Limited probably 700 times this past year, I never understood what the movie was about. I enjoyed it because the characters were so wacky. A side note, I thought those characters were so out there no human would do anything they did. I think on my trip to Europe I met someone who was doing something just as wacky as the characters. End side note. Anyways after watching this so many times I read what this film was suppose to mean. It is actually about letting go.

This was a huge thing I learned this past year. I am a person, that if I want something, I work hard for it, and I get it. Some might call me a control freak. I call it motivated (Cough with a hint of control freak cough) I do not give up on things until I get it, do you know why? Because my whole life I was told that was quitting. No one told me just because you want something, it can be horrible and draining for you. No one told me that something that once filled you with joy could turn into something so extremely toxic for  you and just because this happened does not mean you have to  continue to fight for it. You can let go because that is not quitting. That is choosing yourself over something else.

Cheers to 2017, lets make it the best yet! 


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