Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Other Favorites.

2016 came in with a cold grey cloud, and left with a shower of glitter. Maybe that was just my dress? I feel like the last month of 2016 brought everything together full circle for the year.  I feel like a hand full of people were having quarter life crisis at the time of graduation. I felt like I had everything put together then... Give me four months off with nothing but time to thing of the future, that was a different story. I had this wave of uncertainty that I could just not brush off. Some did give me this advice that I love, "Only boring people have their whole life planned out." Which is true! If a fun opportunity presents itself take it even if it is not part of the plan. 

1. Monogram Necklace// This is hands down the best gift I have ever been given. I got this for graduation and I will always remember it because of this. 

2. Headphones// I am so hard of hearing, so talking on the phone is torture. Any headphone where you can talk on the phone is amazing. Plus the investment in Spotify this year made it all the worth while. 

3. Water bottle// My favorite hobby is losing/damaging water bottles. I went though about 9 this year. At this point it is ridiculous. However I can not go anywhere with out one.

4. Passport Holder// My passport got a lot of use this past year. The passport holder is perfect for Instagram pictures. 

5. Color Markers// I love a good planner, and it needs to be color coded. 

6. New Car// I was driving a 2001 piece of tin for the longest time. Then after my first job, I pulled the plunge and got the mom car. I love it. You can even turn it on with an app!

7. Tote Bags// When you have a scatter brain at least have a bag that you can throw everything in. 

8. Map Mugs// I love a good coffee mug, and it is even better when you have one that reminds you of one of your favorite place!

Cheers to 2016 and hopes that 2017 is all the better!


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