Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Fashion Favorites

We have been in 2017 for less than a week, and it feels like 2016 was eons ago. As I mentioned before 2016 was a long year. That meant lots of events, which coincides with lots of clothes! If you take away anything from this year, it is that the romper should live on for FOREVER. Here are my top pics from the year. 

1. Cocktail Dresses// (Pro tip, do not order from if you need a dress for an event in the next month) I am a sucker for a good dress and the fancier the better. There were a lot of great moments this year to dress up. My personal favorite is a solid color lace dress. 

2. Chambray Shirt// This is my ride or die. I can wear this with everything. I think I wear this once a week. I do not even need to talk about this, just look at every 7th post on this blog because I was probably talking about this.

3. Black Booties// Mix this with black leggings and you legs will look like they go on for days.

4. Floral Maxi// This just makes me feel like I am a free spirit (even though I am by no means a flower child). This is not really my textbook style, but I really liked this casual look this year. 

5. Romper// I know you get it, I love rompers.

6. Blazers// If I was an article of clothing, I would be a blazer. Also Jcrew has a great line of casual blazers. (Read: Not suiting blazers)

7. Patterned Pants// Holy smokes, these are so comfortable. Plus for some reason I thought they would a lot more intense, but they are subtle and are easy to pair with a solid top. 

8. Simple Statement// This necklace is the end all be all of necklaces. Seriously it can make anything look fancy. I bought this for pretty much every women in my family for Christmas this year. 

9. Pointed Flats// I hate ballet flats. I feel like it they are so juvenile. That is why this why pointed flats are the best new upgrade. 


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