Monday, January 30, 2017

Vicious Velvet

I love a good fad. I also love looking at photos and knowing exactly what year it was based on what people are wearing. It is like you are wearing a time capsule. At the moment velvet is one of my favorite trends. It is hard to wear if you do not dress it up. I personally like to dress it up with some gold accents and black. Plus, the velvet boots are to die for. Probably not the best thing to wear in a Midwest winter. Here are some ways to diversify velvet. I can be anything from edgy to preppy. 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Passion Project

I like a lot of things. I’m not exactly a professional at any, but all of things make up the big things. I was lucky enough to find a passion that could bring together all my favorite day to day hobbies. So how can I take these random hobbies and turn that into one big passion? 
In high school I worked several random jobs. The worst was where I was a personal assistant for this woman who was opening a pet shop. At 9 dollars an hour in high school, it was not going to get any more glamorous. I will not go into too much detail, but that was hands down the worst job I ever worked. 

One thing did come from it though. The owner, let’s call her Jill, one day was trying to create a flyer. She was using Photoshop and taught me a couple of tricks. Once she left for the day I got the coupons printed out. I was amazed by this program, and I always loved paper dolls growing up. I had an event to go to later in the week, so I started creating my outfit on there. This also just so happened to be when blogging became extremely popular. I looked at what I created, and started dabbling around with WordPress, and wahlah! I had a blog! 
Not only is a blog a great way to showcase your skills, but it can also open many more opportunities. These are some of the bloggers whose blog has turned into many more opportunities. 


2017 Organizational Jump Start

This year I am trying to focus more on organization. Before I was living in shoe box apartments in college. (The price of having your own room). Now that I have my own place and space to organize, this is going to be more of a priority. I am no expert, but here are some tricks I have learned along the way.
Journals and Planners// I have a planner to write down what I need to do and where I need to be. Then for list such as a grocery list or things I just need to remember I just started carrying around a little journal with me. PLUS, color coding everything with pens is easy to just glance at and know what you need to know. 

Shelves//  Just having a shelf with little baskets on them to throw all of your trinkets is the easiest way for non-organized people to stay organized. 

Makeup bags// If you change tote bags often take all your necessities and keep them in the makeup bag for an easy switch. 

Pen Holder// I think the worst thing on any desk is scattered pens. This is hands down the easiest way to clean up. (For a more Jenna Lyons look, use old/cleaned out soup cans)

Tray Plate// Put this by your front door for all of your necessities you need before you run out the door.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Beauty Must

It is dry in Iowa. My apartment complex is somehow always 80 degrees, and I wake up not being able to swallow because every once of moisture has left my complex. I live next to my humidifier. When I can't be standing right next to that, here are other products that help with the winter blues. 

Aquation lotion is amazing. I got this sent to me for free and it is probably one of my favorite lotions to date. It is pretty much like chugging a water bottle for your skin. The coconut water conditioner is the best smelling conditioner out there. For the makeup wipes, substitute that instead of washing your face to prevent striping it of your natural oils. Also, do not forget the night cream!

My skin is a losing cause in the winter time. I mostly just focus on my eyes. These are my favorite go to products. 


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rome City Guide

These types of post are my favorite post on my blog. They also happen to be the hardest to make. Everything is a little puzzle piece, and putting it together just takes a lot of time. (I guess it is good character building for me.) 

Anyways, a lot of people hate Rome. It is busy, the people are very point A to point B, overall it is mass chaos. It is beautiful though. I think it is a city that you see once and you are good to go. Here are some of my favorite things from my visit to more.  


2017 Trend Report

I love trends. I love new things, I love being able to look back at a picture and know exactly what year it was by what I was wearing. They are fun and bold. Sure maybe in a couple of months you might regret is, but for now it keeps it fun. Who knows, you might even find a new classic. Here are some trends that I am looking forward to for 2017.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Good Book Club: Love Warrior

This is probably one of the most authentic books I have recently read. Lately I have been hearing a lot about the question of, if technology causes you to feel like you are having a relationship with the people you see on your laptop, does that give you your fill in what you need from face to face relationships. 

That really got me thinking, and I ate it up. THEN, I started reading this book. This book is so raw, and the author Glennon Doyle Melton opens up starting on page one. I have never read a book like this. I think people in general have a hard time opening up and showing their true self, and this author holds back nothing at all. And this was on a paper book not a screen! 

Plus, my two favorite words are one Warrior. I love that word. It just sounds strong, and you can take on the world. If I ever got a tattoo it would be one of two things. One of them would be some sort of symbol for the word warrior. Hands down favorite word. Plus, love is what makes the world turn.Your love for work, hobbies, passions, people. It makes life worth living. Defenitly check this book out, it is an easy read, but covers some in depth topics. 

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Navy Slacks 4 Ways

 I am dubbing navy slacks the jeans of the work force. I love these. Mostly because these are the only pants I own that are business casual. Slacks are more comfortable than jeans anyway. I am currently in the market for some stretch dress pants that are a little tighter. (If anyone has any recommendations hit me up!) Anyways my work wardrobe is limited, so here are a couple of ways to wear navy slacks. (Also check out the gold heeled loafers. They are amazing)


Leave It List

Sure, 2016 was #Wild. We all learned a lot from this year. We want to leave a couple of things there. I can not help you with that. What I can help you with, some fashion help on what to leave behind. These are looks I saw throughout the year and was not exactly the biggest fan of. If you like these looks, good for you, but you are wrong. Just kidding, if these are your style you do you, boo boo. 

1. Lilly Pulitzer Dress with Fall Boots// Seriously, I cringed when I saw this. We get it, you love Lilly and you love fall. To be honest, I love Lilly too. However, you can not wear a dainty summer sun dress with heavy fall boots. I do not know what would go through a human's brain to make them think that this was a great look, but please leave this at home. Keep the Lilly dress, Keep the fall boots, but keep them apart. 

2. Quirky Anything// We get it, you like New Girl. You look ridiculous pretending to be awkward because it is cute. Why not try to be empowered and look like you have your life together instead?

3. Overalls// If you are a grown women leave these at home. 

4. Mary Janes// I feel like this goes back to the Quirky look. Unless you are a dancer, these shoes are horrible. 

5. Overly Scandalous// I am not telling you to wear a turtleneck. everyday. I am a big advocate for the 1/3 rule. As in only show one part at a time, and cover the rest. I also get wearing something scandalous every once in a while such as: New Years Eve, Birthday, after a break up, or spring break. I get it, we see something cute , and have to have it. Still, for every single event? I am not even talking about going out for the night, I am talking about full blown professional events. It looks trashy. Even Emma Watson can do this, have a scandalous romper every once in a while, and classic/put together for the majority of  the time.

6. Red Lipstick// This was the worst trend of 2016. No one looks good in red lipstick. Not even Taylor Swift. 


Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Janners!

 My brother turns 21 today! He was my first best friend growing up! I just remember playing with hot wheels with him. (But do not worry, I made him play dress up with me.) I think we have moved pass that point of your lives. Anyways Happiest of Birthdays to my favorite brother. 

This is us in our glory days!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Other Favorites.

2016 came in with a cold grey cloud, and left with a shower of glitter. Maybe that was just my dress? I feel like the last month of 2016 brought everything together full circle for the year.  I feel like a hand full of people were having quarter life crisis at the time of graduation. I felt like I had everything put together then... Give me four months off with nothing but time to thing of the future, that was a different story. I had this wave of uncertainty that I could just not brush off. Some did give me this advice that I love, "Only boring people have their whole life planned out." Which is true! If a fun opportunity presents itself take it even if it is not part of the plan. 

1. Monogram Necklace// This is hands down the best gift I have ever been given. I got this for graduation and I will always remember it because of this. 

2. Headphones// I am so hard of hearing, so talking on the phone is torture. Any headphone where you can talk on the phone is amazing. Plus the investment in Spotify this year made it all the worth while. 

3. Water bottle// My favorite hobby is losing/damaging water bottles. I went though about 9 this year. At this point it is ridiculous. However I can not go anywhere with out one.

4. Passport Holder// My passport got a lot of use this past year. The passport holder is perfect for Instagram pictures. 

5. Color Markers// I love a good planner, and it needs to be color coded. 

6. New Car// I was driving a 2001 piece of tin for the longest time. Then after my first job, I pulled the plunge and got the mom car. I love it. You can even turn it on with an app!

7. Tote Bags// When you have a scatter brain at least have a bag that you can throw everything in. 

8. Map Mugs// I love a good coffee mug, and it is even better when you have one that reminds you of one of your favorite place!

Cheers to 2016 and hopes that 2017 is all the better!


2016 Beauty Favorites

I feel like everyone hated 2016. (Which, yes it did have a lot of suck.) However, I think everyone can take away from 2016 that it was a huge year of personal growth for everyone. I think a lot can come from new struggles. So see! Look at how lucky we all are. 

So with that said, I think my makeup became extremely simplistic this year. I love to watch those beauty guru videos on Instagram, but I think when that became popular I stopped. That is an art form. I can not contour for the life of me. (Does not mean I do not try.) I do wear makeup everyday mainly because that is my favorite part of my morning. I get to drink coffee, put on my music, and do my face. Here is some of my favorites from 2016.  

1. Lip Color// Lipsense was hands down my favorite brand of the year. There lipstick is like nail polish for your lip color. It is like Nyx soft matte lips on steroids. I love the colors napa, bella, and violet. 

2. Face Wash// Again, Lipsense is amazing. I use their face wash for dry skin. This works wonders. My skin all of a sudden took a turn for the worst this past November. This skin disaster was comparable to 7th grade skin, bad. This face wash did wonders.

3. Mascara// I do not know about you, but I use a handful of mascaras, this one has three different ones built into that. That means you only have to use one! 

4. Highlighter// I like to get guys attention by putting a 1/4 inch of powder that is sometimes matte in some lights and shimmery in other lights right above my cheek bones. Because that is why girls wear makeup to get noticed. Sike. I do not know what it is, but I got on the highlighter game this year and love it. 

5. Blush// New year. Same Blush. I need to find a cheaper alternative. Someone send help. Seriously though this stuff is amazing. It is a red purple and I can not find anything else like this. 

6. Foundation// This is seam proof. If you like smashbox, this is probably not the product for you. It has a nice chalky constancy, that stays matte all day. (Did I mention I love matte?)

7. Face Mask// My face needed some serious motorization this year and this face mask did the job.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Fashion Favorites

We have been in 2017 for less than a week, and it feels like 2016 was eons ago. As I mentioned before 2016 was a long year. That meant lots of events, which coincides with lots of clothes! If you take away anything from this year, it is that the romper should live on for FOREVER. Here are my top pics from the year. 

1. Cocktail Dresses// (Pro tip, do not order from if you need a dress for an event in the next month) I am a sucker for a good dress and the fancier the better. There were a lot of great moments this year to dress up. My personal favorite is a solid color lace dress. 

2. Chambray Shirt// This is my ride or die. I can wear this with everything. I think I wear this once a week. I do not even need to talk about this, just look at every 7th post on this blog because I was probably talking about this.

3. Black Booties// Mix this with black leggings and you legs will look like they go on for days.

4. Floral Maxi// This just makes me feel like I am a free spirit (even though I am by no means a flower child). This is not really my textbook style, but I really liked this casual look this year. 

5. Romper// I know you get it, I love rompers.

6. Blazers// If I was an article of clothing, I would be a blazer. Also Jcrew has a great line of casual blazers. (Read: Not suiting blazers)

7. Patterned Pants// Holy smokes, these are so comfortable. Plus for some reason I thought they would a lot more intense, but they are subtle and are easy to pair with a solid top. 

8. Simple Statement// This necklace is the end all be all of necklaces. Seriously it can make anything look fancy. I bought this for pretty much every women in my family for Christmas this year. 

9. Pointed Flats// I hate ballet flats. I feel like it they are so juvenile. That is why this why pointed flats are the best new upgrade. 



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Oh my gosh, 2016 was one word. Wild. There was not one dull moment this past year. There were sad moments, there were happy moments, there was so much good, and a smudge bad. 2016 will always be a year to remember. I think by textbook definitions this was my best year yet. I can not believe it is over. Here are some of my lifestyle favorites from 2016.
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Trips// I traveled over 30,000 miles in 2016. Sometimes it felt like my life was  constantly living out of a suitcase.  I went to 17 countries and went to so many states. Honestly though, I learned it had nothing to do with the place you go, but the people spend it with. I think my favorite trip was with my friends in Florida. (of all places!) Here is a a list of all the places I went!

January// Tourist in my own town.
March// Alabama and Iowa (pretty much the same place?).
April// Kentucky and Gettysburg.
May// West Point and Oscoda.
July// Myrtle Beach
August// Alabama, Virginia, Savannah
September// North Carolina and Virginia
October// Europe (here, here)
November// Turnip Rock
December// Iowa and Florida

Friends// I think we focus so hard on romantic Relationships, that we often forget how lucky we can get with our friendships. This past year I was extremely lucky enough to find out how great the people in my life are to me. Trust me, this past year I was not the most pleasant person to deal with. There was so much going on things that I could have controlled and did not deal with (My favorite quote of the year said by my dear friend, "If you do not deal with the shit, you are just going to have to keep dealing with), and also things way outside of my control that really took a toll. My friends were always there to grab me by my bootstraps, pick me up, and give me a good laugh. I am truly lucky to have that village of people in my life. 
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Graduation// I graduated  from college this past year! I do not know how, but having that piece of paper is amazing! I was so ready to graduate and close that chapter in my life. I do have to say, school wise I did learn the most my last semester of college.

South Carolina// I had to live in South Carolina for three months for work. I loved every single second of it. It was close to everyone and everything. I got to travel every weekend to see friends and family. I want to end up back in South Carolina at some point in my career. 
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Commissioning// This was hands down the longest day of my life. I do not know how I made it through. I woke up from a fun night, made it on time to a rehearsal. Talked with friends, laughed. I barely had time to do my hair. I got back I picked up the guest speaker from the airport. I chatted with family. I cried thinking about my college experience. It ended. I went to dinner with my favorite people. I partied with all of my friends for the last time in college. I had 20 minutes to myself the whole day, and all I could think was "wow". It was a speechless moment. 
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Letting Go// I watched The Darjeeling Limited probably 700 times this past year, I never understood what the movie was about. I enjoyed it because the characters were so wacky. A side note, I thought those characters were so out there no human would do anything they did. I think on my trip to Europe I met someone who was doing something just as wacky as the characters. End side note. Anyways after watching this so many times I read what this film was suppose to mean. It is actually about letting go.

This was a huge thing I learned this past year. I am a person, that if I want something, I work hard for it, and I get it. Some might call me a control freak. I call it motivated (Cough with a hint of control freak cough) I do not give up on things until I get it, do you know why? Because my whole life I was told that was quitting. No one told me just because you want something, it can be horrible and draining for you. No one told me that something that once filled you with joy could turn into something so extremely toxic for  you and just because this happened does not mean you have to  continue to fight for it. You can let go because that is not quitting. That is choosing yourself over something else.

Cheers to 2017, lets make it the best yet! 

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