Thursday, December 8, 2016

November 2016 Favorites

What even was this month? What was November? What happened? Who are you? Who am I? How do I still have my shoes on? We just have not located us yet!! (Darjeeling Limited Humor). I got into yoga this past month, and it is a horrible workout. However, I do love how it puts your mind in a different place. (which if you have a chance look at brain pictures of before and after meditation, it will change your perspective). I can see the benefits from this workout, it works on your arms and balance. (which balance is something that I need to work on desperately, hashtag I fall when I stand) Nonetheless, you need to incorporate cardio as well.

Also, this November there was a lot of time with family and friends. It was good to see everyone. November was a weird transition, but I think every November and February always will be. That is just life. I hope everyone learned a lot from this month. I think the biggest take way from this month is that I learned life will be there. The problems will continue to be there until you deal with them head on, and relationships with who ever will be in a place until the problem is resolved. 

Basically what I am saying is when Soshana from Girls said "You know how people say that you can't run away from your problems? Well, I moved away from mine. And it worked." That was a straight up lie, and later in the season we learned it, and I think we all have to live it to believe that. It is a right of passage. Here is everything that got me through this crazy month.

Red Wings Jersey// I went to a Red Wings game almost immediately when I got back from my trip.I love going downtown, and seeing everything that changed. Seriously, Detroit is the fastest changing city right now, I swear. "I have not unpacked my bags since the day I turned 21", but seriously I have not unpacked since I graduated. That being said I was unable to find any Red Wings gear. I did not wear a jersey, but I do want one for the next game!

Walking Shoes// Nothing big happened in November, but I did do quite a lot of walking. I went to see Turnip Rock, which Michigan is stunning. 

Face Mask// My skin was horrible this month. I think going from eating fresh food every day to whatever is in our food here, took a toll on my body.  I tried every trick in the book. 

Portable Phone Charger// Again, I was moving around a lot and my phone has decided to die whenever it wants. (This would have been good in Europe too)

Pink Blazer// I was making fun of my high school self for needing a pink blazer just the other day. Then I saw pink blazers pop up everywhere. I could not tell if I loved or hated the look. I think I love it. 

Patagonia// Should this favorite's name just be renamed to "I am post grad, and I have two months before my next thing"? Yes, I lounge around a lot. It is also extremely cold in Michigan, and this sweater is amazing. 

Essie// I am really digging the winter white look. This matches amazing with that. 

Lip Color// I hate red lipstick. I think it is so tacky. The only person I know that looks good in it is one of my college friends. Even Taylor Swift does not look that great in it! For the holidays if you want the look, try a deep berry. It looks great!

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