Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chapter 3

Have I ever mentioned that there are a lot of things I am bad at? One of those is photography. I only know the one third two thirds rule. That is about it. However, I love a good photo. I think that is why everyone loves Instagram. They are so fun to look at! So why not join in the fun?

So fun blog news, we are going to Des Moines! I have been to 18 countries, and of all places Des Moines is the place to be. I had a couple of different choices of where I would be post graduation, and this choice felt so right. It is such a weird feeling that something can feel so right, and trust me. There were a  lot of things that almost pulled me away, and I could not pass this up. It is so weird and crazy and never in my entire life would I ever think I would be here. Still, it happened. So here is a little peek of all of the fun that is going to happen in the next year. 

 The top photos is when I got my job offer in March! Next is the sculpture garden, which is my absolute favorite place in Des Moines. Lastly there is a fun little Michigan picture after my trip!


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