Wednesday, December 14, 2016

100th Post This Year

We did it! Yesterday was the blogs 100th post for the year! That was the 2016 goal to get that many quality post in! With 100 post under the belt, this is just the beginning of this blog. I can not believe that I have had this since 2014. Come January, this will be the start of the FOURTH YEAR. I want to thank all 10 people that read this. (Most likely just my sister that views it from 10 different computers.) Honestly though this blog is my getaway. (As we know yoga did not work out too hot)  

As fun as this all have been, there are even more plans! Lots to happen in the upcoming future! This post however, is not about the future it is about looking back at the past! Here have been some of my favorite post on this blog so far! Thanks again to anyone who reads this blog, you all are the best!

The Revamp// This happened this year. The new layout and about me page. This took a lot of work for what felt like a baby step. 

College Favorites// This is not why I started the blog, however I love looking back on events that took place. This was a one of the huge chapters of my life that ended this year. 

Paris Travel Guide// Infographics, photos, and travel. This is exactly why I wanted to start a blog. I think this is one of my favorite post so far. 

Party Pants// This is also what I love about this blog. I love the outfit post. 

Again thank you for everyone that reads this blog!



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