Thursday, November 17, 2016

Whats in my Bag

Not enough people show us what is in their bag. Why should any of us care? Because everyone is smarter than we are. That is right I said it. Every single person on this earth knows something we do not know. They have a tip, trick, or story that we have never even heard of. Which is amazing! That right there is why we all want to know what is in another women's bag. It sounds dramatic maybe even a little creepy, but what we carry on a day to day basis holds us together. So here is what I carry with me to make sure I can always make it from point A to point B.

The Bag// I love a good tote bag. If a bag can hold all my stuff as well as not look bulky, that is a winner in my book. 

Planner// I need to have something to write on and look at at any given time. Just because I want to plan out every minute of my day does not mean I am a type A person! But seriously if I do not write it down, I will not do it. I am also bad a to-do list I will write out everything I need to get done for the week every day, but hey it works. 

Pens// I think there is a black hole that eats all of my black pens. I lived in a hotel for three months, stole two black pens a day from the front desk, and somehow still do not have any black pens to my name. I do keep black pens in my purse all times, and the cuter they are the longer they seam to stay. 

Coin Purse// First of many wallets. This wallet I keep for the essentials. I keep my ID, debit card, and five dollars. Ready to roll at all times.

Water Bottle// I lost my favorite water bottle ever in an uber in Europe. (looking at you Vienna). I very quickly became very dehydrated. I think I learned my lesson and once I got back to my house became attached to my liter water bottle. Having a liter water bottle is so convenient. I know that I need  to drink two a day and no less than three. If I add on any more workouts, coffee, or alcohol, four water bottles is extremely needed to be functional. 10/10 would recommend a liter water bottle for just how convenient it is to keep track of how much you need. 

Headphones//  I am hard of hearing, so I can not have a phone conversation without without both ears in the loop. Also if someone sends you a funny video and you have to see it now, you can!

Polaroid Camera// I want very little things. If I want it, I get it for myself. Yeah if there is a designer bag I get that it is not functional. That being said I am not a fun person to get a gift for. I have everything. However, this Polaroid Camera is on my dream wish list. For the record I do not own the is camera, but if I had it I would bring it everywhere. It is so not functional, but how cool is it? (Check it out for a gift for the person who has everything)

Checkbook Holder// I have not written so many checks as I have this past week. I guess checks are just a grown up thing. Having a checkbook holder with you at all times is convenient. 

Hand Lotion// If you live in Michigan you know how dry the indoors can be from December to March. Having hand lotion is not only great for  you, but everyone will be your best friend at the end of Winter if you carry a little extra. 

Face Powder// No explanation sometimes you just need a touch up. 

Sunglasses// They protect your eyes from UV rays and make you look cooler. 

Large Wallet// For when you need everything and anything this can hold exactly what you need. 

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