Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Wrap Up

1. Tim Gunn// I love fashion and I love business. This is an amazing video done by Tm Gunn talking to designers about changing the industry because, news flash, humans come in many sizes.

2. THIS THIS THIS// I wish modern manners were passed around more. Some stuff from our parents is so outdated. I love the phone tips.

3. What You Can Do For Veterans// Veterans Day has just passed. Lots of people thanked me, and all I have done for this country is roll in the dirt and taken some classes. There are some amazing men and women out there that have done some incredible things. They are the reason that this country is so amazing. If you have some time please take it and give back, even if it is just a little.

4. Good Girls Revolt// I have way too much time on my hands. I am 5 seconds away from completely scrap booking my planner. At this moment I am watching TV for the first time since middle school. If you are going to watch a show, watch Good Girls Revolt. It talks about a lot of different issues that are unfortunately still facing this country today. There are a lot of things I do not agree with what so ever (infidelity in relationships, closing off communication in a relationship.) BUT it also does bring to light a lot of issues that are still real in today's world.

5. Poems// I went through a Poem kick my freshman year of high school. With this one so often  verbal and physical abuse is talked about for bad relationships, but emotional abuse is often ignored. I love how this video brings that to light.

6. A Wes Anderson Holiday// What is better than a blazer with PJs? NOTHING!

7. My favorite Song Right now// 
I can not stop listening to this song. Plus the music video is hilarious. Also check out this cover. 

8. Behind the Scenes// I love Instagram. Instagram is in fact, my favorite hobby. This is a campaign that brings to light on camera we can look glamorous, but behind the scenes things can be a little different. Never take anything at face value. 


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