Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Top 5 Solo Travel Tips

I spent the past 6 weeks out and about traveling Europe. A month of that I was all by myself. So I feel like I have that down to a science.  This post is more geared towards long term solo travel trip. I had some missteps, a downfall or two, but tons of great times. 

 I think almost everything that could have gone wrong at one point went wrong (I missed trains, had to direct an uber driver who spoke no English and I spoke no Polish, my phone died at midnight on the way to my hostel in the middle of the city, it was never ending) I did survive it, and if I can do it anyone can do it. Here are my top tips for solo travel. I made the mistakes so you do not have to. 

1. Let loved ones know where you are// If anything goes bump in the night at least let someone know where you are. I am not saying you have to let everyone know where you are at every moment, but at least let someone know the general area where you will be. This way if you are like the hiker who had a rock fall on his hand, someone will be able to know you are at the bottom of a cave. 

2. Pack the right stuff// This can also mean, pack light. I had three bags of stuff (which got real heavy, real fast) of things I really did not need. Being by yourself, you could be walking two miles at a time, and that can just slow you down. Just pack the necessities. Also, having the right walking shoes can be a god sent. I was walking about 15 miles a day, and if I would have just invested in cute walking shoes from the get-go that would have saved a lot of pain.

3. Do not bring anything valuable// This makes things hassle free and easy. If you want to bring your nice camera that you will bring everywhere, bring it! However, you don't need your thousand dollar laptop or tablet that is just going to sit in the room all day. 1. You just have to lug it around with you and you will never use it. 2. Luggage rooms can be sketchy. Anyone can pretty much gain access to it. If you just have clothes and soap you have nothing to worry about. 

4. Stay with the sun// I am not saying be back at your place at 7pm every night. However, make big travel movements during the daylight hours. Taking a 10pm flight and landing at midnight to not arrive at your place until 2am is probably not the best idea. Especially if you are in a country you are not familiar with. Also, for night life it is best to go to a place that is a couple of blocks away from your hotel. The last thing you need is to have your phone die, and be unable to find a cab back. 

5. Have it planned// You do not have to have every minute of every day planned (Oh hey there type A people). At least have major transportation and hotels booked. For transpiration it is so much cheaper to book early. It is nice have a solid plan for where you need to stay, and knowing that you are going to get to your location and not be without a bed for the night. 

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