Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Favorites

I was traveling the whole month of October, and it got real cold real fast. Copenhagen is basically the north pole. So October was full on winter for me. There was lots of walking, and lots of great moments. This is everything that I had to use to get me though the month. 

1.Winter Coat// The weather went from I'm sweating wearing shorts and a tshirt, to I might lose a toe fast. I flew from Rome to Budapest and the temperature was a different world. I had to get a coat, and fast. I think I tried on every white and pink coat the city of Warsaw had to offer. I did not know how I felt about this coat, but after trying on 500 others this was the winner. If you look at my Instagram this also looks like only thing I wore for a month. 

2. Chokers//I do not know how I feel about this trend, but I did wear this a lot in October. It also go people to just talk about a choker rather than other topics (the election) If anything something good to talk about, still on the fence if it is fashionable. 

3. Fiber Brow Gel// So funny story, last December I got a little too excited with a shaver, and shaved off half of my eyebrow (horizontally) You would think that almost a year later it would be fully grown back. That has not been the case with mine. I have to step up my brow game. This gel helps give the illusion you have more brow than you actually do.

4. Plastic Glasses// I have been wearing aviator sunglasses for the past two years, and those things are as fragile as an iPhone after a margarita. I can not tell you how many pair I have gone through. I recently decided to get some plastic glasses and those things are indestructible. Plastic Glasses were the perfect thing to throw in my bag when I was going from place to place. 

5. Black Flats// I brought no shoes with me at all on my trip. I was sick of wearing my white tennis shoes so I hopped into a store and bough black flats. I have never in my life owned black, I always get nude, but these put together an outfit.

6. PL3 Chapstick// I have been using the egg chapstick for years, and I heard rumors that it was actually really bad for you. I heard that it can start to make your lips peel. I have always been a big chapstick user, but with eos I was constantly  putting it on. It got to the point where I was putting it on every 30 minutes. When I was away, my stick ran out, and immediately my lips were peeling. I grabbed this chapstick and I put it on once or twice a day, and it works wonders. 

7. Pink Velvet// I feel that velvet has been something that has been really pushed the past couple of years. I could not get in on that trend. However, I am a huge fan of pink velvet. I love how it looks soft, but the velvet makes it feel fervid. 

8. Olly Vitamins// A fun little fact, I have an extremely weak stomach. I keep hearing how great probiotics are for you so I gave them a try. If anything at least the gummies are a good flavor.

9. Yogi Immune Support// This is my life line. I hated the flavor of the original. Yogi tea has created a new flavor with all the same great benefits. Let me tell you the new flavor is a million times better. Also, I love how well this can work.


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