Monday, November 28, 2016

Milan and Venice Travel Guide

I was not really dying to go to Italy, and other than it being total chaos, it was simply lovely. Long story short I went to Milan solely for the fact that I wanted to go to Wes Anderson's cafe. I had reservations, and I went off on the town to Milan. I was kind of tired, so I asked to meet up with my parents. They said they were just heading to happy hour. I joined them and long story short, I did not make it to my dinner reservation. We had a fun time and I guess somethings are more important than going to a trendy restaurant. 

Venice on the other hand was so spectacular. Remember how I said Paris was not romantic what so ever, well from Venice on that changed. There was one song that was constantly played by every accordion player on the continent of Europe. I think I was going to burst. That being said there is no other city like Venice. It is truly original. The colors are fantastic, is has a constant smell of sea food, and it is under water! It is one of a kind and worth the visit.


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