Monday, November 21, 2016

Michigan Love

So I give a lot of love to Michigan, and in return get SO. MUCH. HATE. I love the state. I have lived in an handful of places and Michigan has had some great places.  How do I know this? Because I have lived here for the past three years!

Anyways this is a lame blog post, as they ever get. "How do you know this Bmack? You aren't even a blogger" Okay I get it, I'm not actually a blogger. 

ANYWAYS. Michigan was okay today. I wanted to take my new car out on a spin, so I went to an amazing place with cliff rocks (If anyone is a true fan they know that Denmark was suppose to supply some amazing views but did NOT((is it too early in the game to make jokes about having fans?)) ) Today I saw some amazing cliff rocks, and a dozen other favorite views from Michigan. I even saw teo lighthouse! As well as, got a jog in. Lots happening on the coast of Michigan. Here is a sneak peak. 

Also here are some cute outfits for "mild" hiking. Notice how I said mild because there are people on this planet that spent days hiking with 40 lbs of gear of their back. This kind of hiking is the kind you do for an hour at a time, get breaks, and can run back to your car if need be. (Also what I wore today)


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