Sunday, November 20, 2016

London Fashion

I was not the biggest fan of London, however I was a big fan of the fashion in London. London fashion week had just finished when I got there. When I was there I realized just how provocative Americans dress. I am not saying to not show any skin, but as Americans we bear it all. 

In London they lived by the 1/3 rule. You can either show: legs, bust, or arms. There are two quotes that go with this. And YES I know they are both american, but the quotes still stick. ( I hate to quote Marilyn Monroe, but here they are):

"Your Clothes should be tight enough to show you are a women and loose enough to show you are a lady." -Marilyn Monroe

"The higher the hem, the lower the heel" -Tory Burch

I am a bigger fan of Tory Burch than Marilyn Monroe, but nonetheless both quotes are worth listening too. Fellow Londoners were big on this rule. Which was such a breath of fresh air. The styles there were retro and mod. Here were some of the popular street fashions. 


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