Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Wrap Up

1. Tim Gunn// I love fashion and I love business. This is an amazing video done by Tm Gunn talking to designers about changing the industry because, news flash, humans come in many sizes.

2. THIS THIS THIS// I wish modern manners were passed around more. Some stuff from our parents is so outdated. I love the phone tips.

3. What You Can Do For Veterans// Veterans Day has just passed. Lots of people thanked me, and all I have done for this country is roll in the dirt and taken some classes. There are some amazing men and women out there that have done some incredible things. They are the reason that this country is so amazing. If you have some time please take it and give back, even if it is just a little.

4. Good Girls Revolt// I have way too much time on my hands. I am 5 seconds away from completely scrap booking my planner. At this moment I am watching TV for the first time since middle school. If you are going to watch a show, watch Good Girls Revolt. It talks about a lot of different issues that are unfortunately still facing this country today. There are a lot of things I do not agree with what so ever (infidelity in relationships, closing off communication in a relationship.) BUT it also does bring to light a lot of issues that are still real in today's world.

5. Poems// I went through a Poem kick my freshman year of high school. With this one so often  verbal and physical abuse is talked about for bad relationships, but emotional abuse is often ignored. I love how this video brings that to light.

6. A Wes Anderson Holiday// What is better than a blazer with PJs? NOTHING!

7. My favorite Song Right now// 
I can not stop listening to this song. Plus the music video is hilarious. Also check out this cover. 

8. Behind the Scenes// I love Instagram. Instagram is in fact, my favorite hobby. This is a campaign that brings to light on camera we can look glamorous, but behind the scenes things can be a little different. Never take anything at face value. 


Monday, November 28, 2016

Milan and Venice Travel Guide

I was not really dying to go to Italy, and other than it being total chaos, it was simply lovely. Long story short I went to Milan solely for the fact that I wanted to go to Wes Anderson's cafe. I had reservations, and I went off on the town to Milan. I was kind of tired, so I asked to meet up with my parents. They said they were just heading to happy hour. I joined them and long story short, I did not make it to my dinner reservation. We had a fun time and I guess somethings are more important than going to a trendy restaurant. 

Venice on the other hand was so spectacular. Remember how I said Paris was not romantic what so ever, well from Venice on that changed. There was one song that was constantly played by every accordion player on the continent of Europe. I think I was going to burst. That being said there is no other city like Venice. It is truly original. The colors are fantastic, is has a constant smell of sea food, and it is under water! It is one of a kind and worth the visit.


Fall Style Guide

With the cooler weather there comes warmer clothes and darker colors. I love mini skirts for fall, pair them with tights and you are good to go. I also am a huge fan of the military jacket, which can be paired with everything. With these pieces below you will be able to mix and match the pieces for a million outfits. Enjoy the fall weather, and the warmer clothes!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Michigan Love

So I give a lot of love to Michigan, and in return get SO. MUCH. HATE. I love the state. I have lived in an handful of places and Michigan has had some great places.  How do I know this? Because I have lived here for the past three years!

Anyways this is a lame blog post, as they ever get. "How do you know this Bmack? You aren't even a blogger" Okay I get it, I'm not actually a blogger. 

ANYWAYS. Michigan was okay today. I wanted to take my new car out on a spin, so I went to an amazing place with cliff rocks (If anyone is a true fan they know that Denmark was suppose to supply some amazing views but did NOT((is it too early in the game to make jokes about having fans?)) ) Today I saw some amazing cliff rocks, and a dozen other favorite views from Michigan. I even saw teo lighthouse! As well as, got a jog in. Lots happening on the coast of Michigan. Here is a sneak peak. 

Also here are some cute outfits for "mild" hiking. Notice how I said mild because there are people on this planet that spent days hiking with 40 lbs of gear of their back. This kind of hiking is the kind you do for an hour at a time, get breaks, and can run back to your car if need be. (Also what I wore today)


Sunday, November 20, 2016

London Fashion

I was not the biggest fan of London, however I was a big fan of the fashion in London. London fashion week had just finished when I got there. When I was there I realized just how provocative Americans dress. I am not saying to not show any skin, but as Americans we bear it all. 

In London they lived by the 1/3 rule. You can either show: legs, bust, or arms. There are two quotes that go with this. And YES I know they are both american, but the quotes still stick. ( I hate to quote Marilyn Monroe, but here they are):

"Your Clothes should be tight enough to show you are a women and loose enough to show you are a lady." -Marilyn Monroe

"The higher the hem, the lower the heel" -Tory Burch

I am a bigger fan of Tory Burch than Marilyn Monroe, but nonetheless both quotes are worth listening too. Fellow Londoners were big on this rule. Which was such a breath of fresh air. The styles there were retro and mod. Here were some of the popular street fashions. 


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thanksgiving Outfits

I am not the biggest fan of the holidays, in fact you could almost say that I hate them. Okay, I hate the holidays. Everyone is stressed, trying to one up each other, and you get asked all of those weird questions that you brain does no need to think about. Thanksgiving on the other hand is about food. Food and football, which no one on the planet can complain about.  So you whip up a meal or two put on a cute outfit and there you go Thanksgiving. Not to mention you can watch a parade on the television in the comfort of your own home! Here are the first of many outfits for the beginning of the the the holiday season. Good luck my friends. 


Friday, November 18, 2016

Paris Travel Guide

The City of Lights! After London I was not expecting too much form Paris. However, the second I stepped off the train, I fell in love with Paris. They call Paris the city of love not because Paris is so romantic. In fact Paris just might be the least romantic city I went to. There were people everywhere, bridges were crowded even late in the evening, there is no privacy, just hustle and bustle. 

Paris is the City of Love because you can not help but fall in love with the city itself. Every corner is filled with beauty. The little details in the architecture, little hidden away museums, whispering gardens everywhere. Paris is a city you can not help but love. There is inspiration and hope every which way. Paris was by far my favorite city I have been to. I do not know how anyone gets anything done here because there are distractions and lively things to do at any give time. 
I know with true print you have to limit how many photos you put, but this is not true print. This is MY blog. Here are some of my other favorite moments in Paris. Musee de l'Orangerie was hands down the biggest must see. I think I cried when I walked into the room. Actually I went to walk in and then thought that I was not ready to experience that kind of beauty just yet, so I walked out put myself together and then once I was truly ready I walked in. 

Musée d'Orsay is more of a hidden gem. I loved it because there was pockets of amazing art as well as just some beautiful pieces. Musee Rodin was a beautiful museum with pieces such as the thinker and the Gates of Hell. Honestly anywhere you go is going to be breath taking. Everything about Paris was magical. I have nothing but good things to say. Getting off the train and seeing all of the amazing architecture, seeing one of my very favorite bands (Young Blood Brass band incredible live), seeing all of my favorite artist, the history, the fashion. Not a single complaint.   

Okay this post is way too long. I do not think there was a single thing I did not love about Paris. I truly hope this guide helps you on your next trip. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Whats in my Bag

Not enough people show us what is in their bag. Why should any of us care? Because everyone is smarter than we are. That is right I said it. Every single person on this earth knows something we do not know. They have a tip, trick, or story that we have never even heard of. Which is amazing! That right there is why we all want to know what is in another women's bag. It sounds dramatic maybe even a little creepy, but what we carry on a day to day basis holds us together. So here is what I carry with me to make sure I can always make it from point A to point B.

The Bag// I love a good tote bag. If a bag can hold all my stuff as well as not look bulky, that is a winner in my book. 

Planner// I need to have something to write on and look at at any given time. Just because I want to plan out every minute of my day does not mean I am a type A person! But seriously if I do not write it down, I will not do it. I am also bad a to-do list I will write out everything I need to get done for the week every day, but hey it works. 

Pens// I think there is a black hole that eats all of my black pens. I lived in a hotel for three months, stole two black pens a day from the front desk, and somehow still do not have any black pens to my name. I do keep black pens in my purse all times, and the cuter they are the longer they seam to stay. 

Coin Purse// First of many wallets. This wallet I keep for the essentials. I keep my ID, debit card, and five dollars. Ready to roll at all times.

Water Bottle// I lost my favorite water bottle ever in an uber in Europe. (looking at you Vienna). I very quickly became very dehydrated. I think I learned my lesson and once I got back to my house became attached to my liter water bottle. Having a liter water bottle is so convenient. I know that I need  to drink two a day and no less than three. If I add on any more workouts, coffee, or alcohol, four water bottles is extremely needed to be functional. 10/10 would recommend a liter water bottle for just how convenient it is to keep track of how much you need. 

Headphones//  I am hard of hearing, so I can not have a phone conversation without without both ears in the loop. Also if someone sends you a funny video and you have to see it now, you can!

Polaroid Camera// I want very little things. If I want it, I get it for myself. Yeah if there is a designer bag I get that it is not functional. That being said I am not a fun person to get a gift for. I have everything. However, this Polaroid Camera is on my dream wish list. For the record I do not own the is camera, but if I had it I would bring it everywhere. It is so not functional, but how cool is it? (Check it out for a gift for the person who has everything)

Checkbook Holder// I have not written so many checks as I have this past week. I guess checks are just a grown up thing. Having a checkbook holder with you at all times is convenient. 

Hand Lotion// If you live in Michigan you know how dry the indoors can be from December to March. Having hand lotion is not only great for  you, but everyone will be your best friend at the end of Winter if you carry a little extra. 

Face Powder// No explanation sometimes you just need a touch up. 

Sunglasses// They protect your eyes from UV rays and make you look cooler. 

Large Wallet// For when you need everything and anything this can hold exactly what you need. 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sweater Weather

 Not only is the song Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood an amazing jam. but that time of year is so cozy and comfortable the only thing you can complain about is the fact that your cider is too hot. After living in South Carolina for the three hottest months of the year I do not think I will ever complain about being cold ever again. 

That is why sweater weather is so great. You get to wear an article of clothing that is just as comfortable as a sweatshirt and look like you actually tried in the morning. Plus now that the whole slouchy look is popular, wearing a sweater that is a little bit longer is basically wearing a blanket. Fall is great! Here are my favorite sweater picks. 


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beauty Products Jacqueline Can't Live Without

There are a couple of things I know to be true. People do not change. I will always be a horrible dancer, playing Taylor Swift at a party will make everyone pause in their steps, and my sister is one of the top Beauty Gurus on this plant.

Jacqueline is currently studying Engineering, where she can easily build a house. Not just design one, she actually builds them too. She can effortlessly march across the design studio picking out flaws. All the while her hair looks sleek and put together even under a construction hat. Also, another fun fact about Jacquline, is that some people might even call her the Pizza Queen. Lucky for us Jacqueline was more than willing to share some of her secrets to her stunning beauty routine.

Guest answers by Jacqueline Mack
1. Babyliss pro straightener// This does wonders for hair. It is such an intense heat you only need to run it through your hair once or twice.

2. OPI matte topper// I want all things matte, and that includes my nail polish. Instead of a clear coat, trade that in for this.

3. Renpure Coconut Oil// 
This oil makes my hair really soft, it smells sweet, and it eliminates a lot of frizz from blow drying. Despite it being an oil it does not make my hair feel oily.

4. Benefit Hervana Blush// I love how there are three colors in one and I can mix it up depending on how dramatic I want it to look.

5. Hydrangeas// 
Getting ready can be a process and you need your favorite flowers to look at in the morning or before a night out.

6. Global Beauty Dead Sea Face Mask// Once a week I like to use this to exfoliate my skin. I usually do this as a reward to myself while studying.


Monday, November 14, 2016

London City Guide

Okay here we go! My first city guide! I took a little longer than expected for the city guides, but it is here! London was the first city I went to in Europe. I was jet lagged and in desperate need for a shower. Once at the hotel I was ready to roll. I always though jet lag was a myth, but my friends it is not. It was the weirdest feeling. It was like I was tired, but my body knew I was awake. There was so much more I wanted to do in London, but did not have the time. Here are some of the highlights. 
Also, there are a couple of things I with I would have known before I went to every city. (I made one or two or 57 mistakes) So here are some helpful tips for your trip. 


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Skirt Around

My favorite article of clothing is a sweater because it is like wearing a sweatshirt, but you still look nice. My second favorite article of clothing is a skirt. You throw some stockings, it is more comfortable than sweat pants. Fall is the perfect time for this. You add white tshirt you are ready for anything. You add a button down, you can take over the world. 


Friday, November 11, 2016

The Good Book Club: The Girls of Atomic City

Like every good thing, I need to be reminded that I like it. How do I need to be reminded? I need to sit down and force myself. This goes for running, meditating, eating healthy, and reading. I will be doing great for a while, I get busy and stop. I forget how much it can help or about the rewards that come with it.  I jumped off the reading train for a minute, but it is back in full swing. Here is my November pick for the month.
The Girls of Atomic City  is not new or trendy, however it was an amazing book. This is a nonfiction book that takes place during World War 2. With the first chapter it talks about how someone comes up with an idea, someone needs to have a plan for this to come to life, someone directs the operation, and lastly the people at the bottom do the grunt work for this plan to work. It kind of shows just how important everyone's role is no matter how small. 


Thursday, November 10, 2016

11 Pieces to Business Casual

Post Grad life is coming closer and closer to an end. My love for a good blazer has gone no where. I have had a couple of months to prepare for the real world and all it will have. Finding a grown up apartment is a little harder to find when the criteria is a little more than just "Near Campus". 

Also having to move your whole life half way across country is a little more dramatic than just an hour away. With all of that chaos there is one thing I know. How to dress the part. I love a good blazer. Actually, I live for a good blazer. Here are my pieces that will help you dress the part even though you might not necessarily not be able to act the part. Good luck!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fooled Flannel

There are a couple of things I love about fall. I absolutely adore an October in Michigan. I went to a few (one or two) countries this past October and I can attest that Michigan does have the best October in the world. The second goes out to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Both are a must see in the fall time. 

The second thing I love about fall is cider mills. In Michigan these are huge. There are fresh cider and donuts. What I picture when I think of fall, is that. The third thing that I love about fall is plaid. A go to outfit for running errands is leggings, booties, a military jacket, as well as a plaid shirt that could possibly be mistaken for a blanket. Nothing gets better than that.
Here are some of my other plaid favorites that can be a little more dressy than a blanket shirt. 


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Top 5 Solo Travel Tips

I spent the past 6 weeks out and about traveling Europe. A month of that I was all by myself. So I feel like I have that down to a science.  This post is more geared towards long term solo travel trip. I had some missteps, a downfall or two, but tons of great times. 

 I think almost everything that could have gone wrong at one point went wrong (I missed trains, had to direct an uber driver who spoke no English and I spoke no Polish, my phone died at midnight on the way to my hostel in the middle of the city, it was never ending) I did survive it, and if I can do it anyone can do it. Here are my top tips for solo travel. I made the mistakes so you do not have to. 

1. Let loved ones know where you are// If anything goes bump in the night at least let someone know where you are. I am not saying you have to let everyone know where you are at every moment, but at least let someone know the general area where you will be. This way if you are like the hiker who had a rock fall on his hand, someone will be able to know you are at the bottom of a cave. 

2. Pack the right stuff// This can also mean, pack light. I had three bags of stuff (which got real heavy, real fast) of things I really did not need. Being by yourself, you could be walking two miles at a time, and that can just slow you down. Just pack the necessities. Also, having the right walking shoes can be a god sent. I was walking about 15 miles a day, and if I would have just invested in cute walking shoes from the get-go that would have saved a lot of pain.

3. Do not bring anything valuable// This makes things hassle free and easy. If you want to bring your nice camera that you will bring everywhere, bring it! However, you don't need your thousand dollar laptop or tablet that is just going to sit in the room all day. 1. You just have to lug it around with you and you will never use it. 2. Luggage rooms can be sketchy. Anyone can pretty much gain access to it. If you just have clothes and soap you have nothing to worry about. 

4. Stay with the sun// I am not saying be back at your place at 7pm every night. However, make big travel movements during the daylight hours. Taking a 10pm flight and landing at midnight to not arrive at your place until 2am is probably not the best idea. Especially if you are in a country you are not familiar with. Also, for night life it is best to go to a place that is a couple of blocks away from your hotel. The last thing you need is to have your phone die, and be unable to find a cab back. 

5. Have it planned// You do not have to have every minute of every day planned (Oh hey there type A people). At least have major transportation and hotels booked. For transpiration it is so much cheaper to book early. It is nice have a solid plan for where you need to stay, and knowing that you are going to get to your location and not be without a bed for the night. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Robe Season

 It is robe season! Well actually robe season is every season,  but stores do not think so. Now is the best time to buy a robe, every store has them, and curling up with a new one for the fall is the perfect time to do so. I am all about dressing up and looking nice, and if my heels aren't totally walkable, then so be it. That being said I am also all about being cozy when I am home. Having the perfect robe is the best way to say I have my life together, but I also like to wear a blanket when I am home. Here are my favorite picks.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Favorites

I was traveling the whole month of October, and it got real cold real fast. Copenhagen is basically the north pole. So October was full on winter for me. There was lots of walking, and lots of great moments. This is everything that I had to use to get me though the month. 

1.Winter Coat// The weather went from I'm sweating wearing shorts and a tshirt, to I might lose a toe fast. I flew from Rome to Budapest and the temperature was a different world. I had to get a coat, and fast. I think I tried on every white and pink coat the city of Warsaw had to offer. I did not know how I felt about this coat, but after trying on 500 others this was the winner. If you look at my Instagram this also looks like only thing I wore for a month. 

2. Chokers//I do not know how I feel about this trend, but I did wear this a lot in October. It also go people to just talk about a choker rather than other topics (the election) If anything something good to talk about, still on the fence if it is fashionable. 

3. Fiber Brow Gel// So funny story, last December I got a little too excited with a shaver, and shaved off half of my eyebrow (horizontally) You would think that almost a year later it would be fully grown back. That has not been the case with mine. I have to step up my brow game. This gel helps give the illusion you have more brow than you actually do.

4. Plastic Glasses// I have been wearing aviator sunglasses for the past two years, and those things are as fragile as an iPhone after a margarita. I can not tell you how many pair I have gone through. I recently decided to get some plastic glasses and those things are indestructible. Plastic Glasses were the perfect thing to throw in my bag when I was going from place to place. 

5. Black Flats// I brought no shoes with me at all on my trip. I was sick of wearing my white tennis shoes so I hopped into a store and bough black flats. I have never in my life owned black, I always get nude, but these put together an outfit.

6. PL3 Chapstick// I have been using the egg chapstick for years, and I heard rumors that it was actually really bad for you. I heard that it can start to make your lips peel. I have always been a big chapstick user, but with eos I was constantly  putting it on. It got to the point where I was putting it on every 30 minutes. When I was away, my stick ran out, and immediately my lips were peeling. I grabbed this chapstick and I put it on once or twice a day, and it works wonders. 

7. Pink Velvet// I feel that velvet has been something that has been really pushed the past couple of years. I could not get in on that trend. However, I am a huge fan of pink velvet. I love how it looks soft, but the velvet makes it feel fervid. 

8. Olly Vitamins// A fun little fact, I have an extremely weak stomach. I keep hearing how great probiotics are for you so I gave them a try. If anything at least the gummies are a good flavor.

9. Yogi Immune Support// This is my life line. I hated the flavor of the original. Yogi tea has created a new flavor with all the same great benefits. Let me tell you the new flavor is a million times better. Also, I love how well this can work.

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