Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Trends

Fall means winter is right around the corner in Michigan. Luckily for me I will miss a Michigan Fall, but apparently Europe has pretty similar weather Warmer clothes and darker colors are needed. Everything is wine this season. Also those rich jewel tone colors make the season just that much more intense. My personal favorite trend for this season is pleated skirts. They look so put together. Plus, longer hem lines makes it feel like you are basically wearing a blanket. Overall, this season is all about effortless comfort, thrown together to look put together. Here is everything I am loving for fall. (PS I hope the romper trend never dies)


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Good Book Club: Maybe in Another Life

If I have a weekend off I wander... everywhere. I found myself in a mall where half of the stores are closed down, and I ended up in the book shop. I do not care what anyone says about not judging a book by its cover because I found this book solely by the cover. I loved that the character is just standing looking at paintings. 

This book is about making a choice and the second and third order effects. It goes into what happens if you make a decision. I'm not one to second guess things, but when making a decision this eats me alive. This is for sure a good beach read for the end of summer. (You can get the book here)


Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm thumbin' my way into North Caroline

I love South Carolina because it is so close to everyone! This labor day weekend had a lot going on and not a lot of sleep. I raced my way through tropical storm and made it up north to North Carolina. Let me tell you, Raleigh is an amazing city. The second I got into the area the radio stations (I know the only person left to listen to the radio) had operas, classical music, and a million talk shows. This place was different. Plus, it was voted one of the top cities for southern food, and trust me, I could not stop eating. This was a snap shot of my weekend. 

This was the capital building, probably not the best, but still good. There is so much to do in Raleigh I can not wait to to go back sometime soon and hit up all of the museums. 

Going out there was definitely an older crowd, however the drinks are amazing. I got a lavender lemonade.
Here is the shrimp and grits of all shrimp and grits. I text a picture to my dad and he knew the exact restaurant. 

That just left the rest of the weekend for relaxation and time for some big planning!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Life is a Garden... Dig It

I fell in love with this one maxi dress, it was a TJmaxx find, and I was head over heals for it. The dress was this pink floral maxi, with long bell sleeves, and a perfect vneck. I thought it would have been perfect to throw on for Europe to gallivant from museums to trains. I sent it to a couple of friends and everyone said "NO WAY". 

I passed up this dress and now I can not stop thinking about it. I also can not find the dress anywhere. I am however still in love with the floral maxis. This one is amazing for a summer get together. (I also gave into the choker trend... I know) 
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