Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tips for College Freshman

College is awesome, you learn so much about everything in four little years. I will be hard, it will be stressful but you will get through it. I transferred schools after my freshman year, so I was a freshman twice. Now that I am in post grad status I have the wisdom to give advice (okay, no I do not but I am going to give it anyway). Here are some tips that I would give my freshman year self.

The First Semester kind of Stinks// I had an awesome first semester both times, but there are a lot of changes. You don't have friends you can run to for every little thing, you are in a new place, and everything is new. It can be hard, but I promise give it six months and it will get better. The second semester is always way better. 

Do Not Force Friendships// Things will happen organically (mostly second semester), so take the time to settle in find what you want and the friends will come. 

Put Yourself out There// Freshman year is the one year you can show up anywhere with no explanation other than the fact that you are a freshman. Go to everything! Join the clubs you want to join, go to dinner when random people on your hall ask you to, and just experience. I am not a party person whatsoever, but college is the one time you can go to all of those events and not be looked down for it. Take advantage of that! 

 Stay Healthy// Don't forget to still eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and schedule times to work out a couple of times a week. Things can get a little hectic and getting unhealthy is the last thing you need to think about. 

On Going Out// Do not go out Sunday night through Wednesday night. Unless Taylor Swift is going to be on main street there is no reason to do this. Get sleep, remember to study, and I promise you will not regret it. 

Go to Office Hour// No one goes to office hours, ever. Professors love it when you show up. Even if you ask a fake question, show up for 5 minutes. The professor will learn your name and see that you are trying.

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