Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Southern Weekend

I feel like every weekend is a party in the south. Well, actually I go out of my way to keep myself busy down here. I love my hotel room, but if I am in there too long I start to go crazy. I try to have one big activity planned a weekend, and then I just tend to wander around the other day. Last weekend I left to grab coffee and ended up going to a museum and tour around the city. There is a lot to do as long as you go out looking for it! I am spending the weekended with friends, and here is everything I will be wearing!

Life was made easy, you can throw everything in one bag. You get to your destination and what is the first thing you do?! Say hi and SLEEP! It has been a long week and you have a big day ahead of you. Plus life feels so much more put together when you are wearing a PJ set. 

 Why are you golfing?! You are in the south. Everyone golfs. The weather is always nice so you have all year to work on your golf game. How great are golf clothes? Also, side note I wish golf shoes looked like this growing up, golf shoes used to be the worst. Then there is even more time in the sun so do not forget to throw a swim suit in your bag!

The outdoors is done, and AC is back to being your best friend. I love the shorts and the off the shoulder top with the earrings for an easy going around town outfit. Slip on the dress for a more dressed up look. When I saw this dress in stores I stopped everything, the print and colors are amazing. 


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