Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jammin' on My Planner

I am having a style crisis and this is very evident on how clashing these planner designs are. I am usually all about the all american prep type style, but lately I have been feeling the Wes Anderson/ Effortless European Styles. I blame this on one part this French It Girl jargon being thrown down our throats. The second part is my tip to Europe. While I am having a style crisis, I picked out some of my favorite planner picks:

 seven// eight// nine 
For the past two years I have been using the Lilly Pulitzer planner. I have loved it. I was not going to get it for senior year because I wanted something that looked more professional for job searching, it is too great I could not pass it up. This year (By year I mean school year because #PostGrad) , I changed it up. I got the Day Designer from Target. This makes you obsessed with your planner. I want to schedule everything. It is so easy to keep everything organized. I would highly recommend it!

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